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GSM Silent Alarm Alarms Cape Town Trade Offers


No Contract, Silent Alarm using a New prepaid Mobile with call per second for the Dial Up. The unit cannot be disabled. The unit will connect with your Mobile phone within seconds. The design is based on a Mobile to Mobile audio call. You monitor the audio in the protected area. I recommend the unit be installed in your Audio/Visual area as this is the main target. The intruders will be unaware they are being monitored giving one ample time to take appropriate action. Contact the Police, your local Security Company or Neighborhood Watch. Inform them you can hear intruders in your home. They will react. The intruders will feel at ease as there are no sirens or flashing lights. 3G/SMS GSM alarm systems have flaws, take too long to connect, not all areas are 3g covered and do not always connect. SMS can take any amount of time depending on network traffic. Normal fixed line and radio alarms are easily disabled. The intruders grab what they can and are out of there within seconds evading the response team. The unit runs on 12 volts and is ideal for Yachts and Caravans. It has unlimited applications. The unit can be used as a Mobile Phone Notification System. It can be interfaced to any switch, pressure pad, beam, sensor etc. You will be notified within seconds that the event took place utilizing Caller Line Identity. There will be no costs involved as you do not answer the call. The Control unit has a 5 YEAR WARRANTY. The MH20 PIR as is used by the military in Israel and Russia will pick up a 3-5Kg body mass; other PIR’s only detect 40kg or more. I am aware of many people with contract alarms whose homes have been burgled and the intruders have evaded arrest due to sirens and lights.
This is the ultimate silent security system that will last a life time. The Control unit uses Only 10 Brand Name Military components, Microchip, National and Rubycon, making it Simple and reliable.

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