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N OILS FOR SALE Trade Offers


We supply the highest quality of human consumable oil, Edible Oils and chemical, from the natural resources and also from plant and animal we extract oils. We can supply the quantity of about 800,000metric ton in a year and the quantity of about 80,000metric tons in a month of edible oils.

We have factories &Warehouses in most of the regions, where these products are extracted, with our head offices in Cameroon .we Also could supply you any Edible oil Type you may require.
Our minimum order: 20MT (Trial Orders for our products)
A Trial Order will definitely Convince you.

We are Dealer's of edible and bodies’ oil, our company name is ISHMAILS OILS LTD, and presently, we have well over 100 million barrels ready for lifting from any of our oil factories and warehouses in strategic parts of the world. ISHMAILSOILS COMPANY LTD is a technology driven Organization, One of the biggest oil producing & exporting companies in Cameroon.

From plantation and contract farming to export of Jatropha plant seeds, oils and other oil seeds and oils used for extraction of fuel and project management (from concept to completion) in the regions where there products are cultivated, we haven depth understanding of all the related activities. We have spent many years in screening out high yielding .Germ palms of Jatropha curcas and other oils.

We are making bodies at our plant based in Cameroon and the same aplitic edible oil.

Sesame Oil
Corn Oil Rapeseed Oil
Canola Oil Vegetable oil Used Vegetable Oil Soya bean Oil Sunflower oil

Jatropha Oil, Palm Oil
Crude Palm, Oil Cooking Oil, Used Cooking Oil, Rapeseed Oil,Virgin

coconut Oil,Biodiesel
Castor Oil, Kapop Seed Oil, Jojoba Oil and many more

We can also involve in research activities with your organization. We
have developed a Knowledge network on Oil and Bodies. We also list all products available in stock in the year 2008 in below products list since our production has increased and any interested buyer who is interested in any of our products should contact us for their prices. On our email (

We can supply you this oil in good quality, as you know 1 Metric Ton
contains 1000 liters. Our Oil is European and American Standard with
Cameroonian Origin. We can supply you in small and large quantities.
Below are some of our products listed?
acai oil
almond oil
avocado Oil
babassu oil
canola oil / rapeseed oil
cashew oil
castor oil
corn oil
cottonseed oil
ground nut oil
grape seed oil
jatropha oil
jojoba oil
olive oil
olive oil - virgin
olive oil - extra virgin
olive oil - lampante
olive oil - pomace
olive oil - refined
palm kernel oil
palm oil
palm oil - crude
palm oil - organic
palm stearin
palm stearin - organic
palm, RBD olein
safflower oil
sesame oil
shea butter
soya bean oil
star anise oil
sunflower oil
vegetable oil
vegetable oil - used
For samples, we give them for free to our customers but their do pay for the cost of the fright to their locations.

1. Buyer issues LOI/ICPO with full banking details with soft probe authorization.
2. Seller issues FCO or draft contract in favor of the buyer.
3. Buyer signs and sends back the draft contract to the seller within 3 days.
4. Seller sends the final draft contract duly signed and sealed.
5.Buyer duly sign and seal 5 copies and return back 03 (three) copies to the seller.
6. Seller issues Performa Invoice
Payment terms 10 % advanced payment via Bank Transfer T/T
(strictly monitored by Bank). And 90% Balance Payment via LC
7. Buyer sends duly filled letter of credit application form of the LC issuing
bank for the approval of the seller/seller’s bank.
8. After review, seller returns the LC application form back to the buyer with proposed changes if any.

Certification is given in the departure port before merchandise is loaded. Given to the buyer with all the documents asked for in the L/C.

Waiting for your LOI and soft probe in order to send the contract

Best regards,

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