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About Carrol

After eleven years of teaching Carrol Boyes decided to pursue her childhood dream of being an artist. Equipped with an Honours degree in Sculpture, she thought long and hard about how to make her pure art accessible to everybody. And so in 1989 the first spoon, with its trademark figure handle designed in pewter, was created. This fusion of form and function had such enormous appeal that, virtually overnight, the demand for her products became overwhelming, initiating the formation of her company.

As President of this highly successful enterprise, Carrol has adopted the role of mentor, nurturing new talent through design competitions and teaching skills to all those around her. In this way, she promises to guide a select team of new designers to continue the success of the company into the future.

Tel: 212 334 3556
Fax: 212 334 3558

About the company

From humble beginnings with a few helpers in Carrol’s home in a seaside suburb on Cape Town’s Atlantic coast, the growing company soon required more and more space. Today, between the manufacturing facility in the tropical Limpopo province of South Africa and the administration and distribution departments in Cape Town, the staff complement number over 400, mostly women, but spanning all the multi cultural groups of her country.

Carrol has become a South African icon, earning last year’s national award for the Top Woman Owned Company of the Year.

Carrol’s uniquely quirky designs, inspired by all things African, are now sold throughout the world. In 2003 she opened her first retail store and this new venture has seen the opening of dedicated and branded stores all over South Africa and Europe and in New York.

About the products

The Carrol Boyes range consists of tableware, hollowware, kitchenware, bathroom, desk and office accessories, leather and furniture. All are made in metal, in combination with wood and leather. Each timeless piece is individually handcrafted and therefore unique and charming.

Carrol’s first choice was pewter, which consists of 95% tin and 5% antimony and copper. The malleability and patina of pewter made it an excellent choice for her unique and aesthetically pleasing sculptures designed for every day use in the home.

When she added the striking larger items to the range she needed a lighter, yet extremely durable metal. Aluminium still reflects the distinctive style of the collection and proved to be a beautiful alternative to pewter.

Low maintenance stainless steel was the next natural choice of metals for the range. The highly polished finish and innate strength of this metal means that our intricate items are dishwasher safe and stain and rust proof.







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Carrol Boyes


Tel: 212 334 3556
Fax: 212 334 3558
Email: newyork@cbfa.co.za
Web: www.carrolboyesonline.com/

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