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Corporate Branding Shadenet for SAA Open Golf sports event

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Pearl Valley GolfPrinted Shadenet Solutions provided simple corporate branding on printed shadenet at the SAA Open at Pearl Valley Golf in Cape Town was a winner, having given Pearl Valley Golf's new owners good clear advertising exposure at this prestigious outdoor sports event. Corporate sponsors of this golf tournament were pleased with their branding exposure and hundreds of metres of printed shadenet was used to cordon off outdoor sports event branding areas and to provide a consistent brand image for the Pearl Valley Golf tournament event hosts.

The past four SAA Open golf tournament champions, Ernie Els (Humewood Golf Club – 2007), Retief Goosen (Fancourt Golf Estate – 2006), Tim Clark (Durban Country Club – 2005) and Trevor Immelman (Erinvale Golf Club – 2004) took part in the SAA Open at Pearl Valley Golf in Cape Town. Ernie Els was the favourite, leading the pack with four victories, but disappointingly for him and other South African's,James Kingston, despite his lowly world ranking of 155, was the victor.

Finishing top of the standings guarantees James Kingston entry into several lucrative golf tournaments, most notably the Open Golf Championship, the American Express World Golf Championship event and the Nedbank Golf Challenge at Sun City.

Printed Shadenet Solutions for golf tournament branding or outdoor sports event branding is the best way for corporate sponsors to combine the cordoning off element of shadenet with continuous branding at golf courses and outdoor sports events.


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Date Created: 2008-01-09 | Last Update : 2008-01-10
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