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Why the Western Cape Gambling Board is a Trend Setter in South Africa


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The Western Cape Gambling Board is one that has successfully been operating and exceeding the majority of its set targets, one that continually develops a set of strategic objectives and targets in order to deliver its legislated mandate. These are structured in a way that a stable, just, effective and consistent regulatory environment can be ensured; so that public trust can be inspired that no unlawful gambling activities will take place; and so that the Board can contribute to the economy of the Western Cape in a responsible manner.

Thousands of licence applications are processed each year and more than a thousand audit assessments are done. The board has licenced many land-based as well as online sports betting and no deposit South African online casinos that South Africans love to this day. The Board has also been successfully helping in disputes and self-exclusions of punters. Moreover, raids on illegal gambling establishments are performed regularly, which helps in maintaining a fair, just, stable and responsible market for the rest of the legal establishments.

In order to achieve all of that the Gambling Board has established great partnerships with many industry role-players, stakeholders, the Minister for Finance of Western Cape, The National Policy Council on Gambling and Liquor, The Competition Commission, the Provincial Standing Committee on Public Accounts etc. and is member of many notable forums and associations.

Setting a trend is not just having the highest revenue, it’s also being responsible for the community. This is why the Western Cape Gambling Board has had many programmes such as theatrical productions in schools where the dangers of irresponsible gambling have been highlighted. It has also organised responsible gambling summits and has informed the public of the ways in which they can seek assistance for them or their closest ones. Such initiatives make the public aware of the Board and help it get to know about irresponsible gambling practices and possible solutions for it.

Having a good, impartial and non-corrupt regulating body like the Western Cape Gambling Board is essential for the industry’s values such as the gambling industry, which is normally frowned upon by the people. Gambling gets lots of negative backlash, but no matter what people will always gamble, so why not regulate it in the best possible manner.

The United Kingdom is probably the best example of that. It has legalised all sorts of gambling, but everything is tightly overseen by the Gambling Commission and no gambling establishment can do anything without the approval of the Commission. The Western Cape Gambling Board is the successful trend setting South African equivalent of that.

Date Posted: 2016-02-26
Posted By: WCBN Business Press
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