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Lower Back Pain - Reasons and Cure


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Lower back pain is nearly as common as the common cold. Statistics have proven that more than 80% of grown ups will experience it at some stage. Back discomfort affects you 100%, not 80%. Should you suffer pointless back pain, you would more than likely appreciate some solutions. You'd like to learn ways you can get back and do all of the activities you're missing at this time. You need to have the ability to participate in life again. Have fun with your kids, or get involved with an activity, or simply finish your work day without feeling stiff, sore and suffering form back discomfort.

Back discomfort is typical, it's also generally misinterpreted.

You will find that there are 3 primary reasons for back discomfort which are easily transformed to help you become pain free. What exactly are these 3 incredible causes?

Could they be associated with stress, injuries, the way you lift, poor posture? We have the fundamental underlying causes, why back discomfort happens as you will find that there are 3 systems that create lower back pain. It's these that you could change easily, all when you focus on getting rid of the actual causes. It is also with our tailor made Spine Align Pillows that we can help reduce lower back pain felt on a day-to-day basis. Our pillow and cushion systems help alleviate the tightness during rest that one feels and can then help start the day on good footing.

Take away the underlying causes and you'll prevent back discomfort from coming back. Here are the systems that induce your discomfort now… which is what you would like gone.

You need to be free from back discomfort for every moment possible… after which we are sure that you'll make sure that it stops returning.

The Three systems that create back discomfort are:

One: Hip Flexor Tightness in Lower Back Pain

The hip flexor muscles attach in to the front of the lower spine and reattach to your thigh bone. They assist the curves of the lower spine and are generally tight. When they tighten the curve of the spine vanishes which stops the padding effect. The joints within the lower spine tighten up and then back discomfort happens.

Stretching helps not only to remove your back discomfort it may also help to bring back the curves and continue to eradicate the pain.

Two: Weak Stomach Muscles in Lower Back Pain

It doesn't mean you'll need washboard abs. When the abs weaken then your back manages to lose support, this enables lower back pain to happen. The abs work together using the hip flexors - as being a see-saw. Therefore if the hip flexors are tight the abs will weaken. Together they cause nearly all back discomfort … along with mechanism three.

Three: Pelvic Imbalance in Lower Back Pain

The pelvis is the foundation to the body. When the foundation is “sound” then everything is more efficient. When the pelvis is out of balance the joints in the lower spine won't move freely and therefore creating tight muscles. The pelvis is impacted by both hip flexor tightness and abdominal weakness.

Together these 3 systems cause over 90% of back discomfort issues. If you can't address the 3, back discomfort will return and be a chronic problem. When these 3 are remedied you could possess a lifetime without back pain… We therefore at Spine Align believe that there are certain steps that one can take in order to halt lower back pain but its through our Spine Align pillows that you will receive the greatest back relief possible.

Date Posted: 2012-09-04
Posted By: Spine Align
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