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Hydra-Cell pumps have distinctive advantages in pumping the polymers and many other chemicals used in water treatment. They also excel in handling the ‘grey’ and brackish water that may contain particulate solids. Typical applications include metering and dosing, injection, cleaning and high-pressure transfer – in all of which their performance is noted for its reliability.

A significant feature underlying the pump’s versatility and sustained performance with all kinds of difficult liquids is seal-less design – the Hydra-Cell pump has no dynamic seals to wear and is not subject to the limitations that can afflict pumps reliant on mechanical seals.

Cleaning is one of a number of applications where the ability to use grey water reliably can save process costs.

The design of the Hydra-Cell pump is very much more compact than that of traditional metering pumps used for metering and dosing with water treatment chemicals, especially for flow rates above 0.25m3/hr. Not only are there are savings in installation space, but also in costs. ‘Best in class’ Life Cycle Costs result from the savings realised by lower costs of acquisition, energy consumption and reduced expenditure on repairs and maintenance. The virtually pulseless flow of the Hydra-Cell pump can often make further savings by eliminating any need for pulsation dampeners.

Water Treatment Seonam

Double success with Hydra-Cell pumps in South Korea

Engineers at the Seonam water treatment plant in South Korea scored a double success when they replaced leaking screw pumps with seal-less Hydra-Cell pumps on a desulphurisation process.  They cured the leakage problem - they also reduced power consumption by 50%.  The screw pumps were injecting a mix of water and MgO2 + hydrogen peroxide into the process for disinfection and deodorisation.

System operating pressure is only 8 bar (116 psi).  However, the screw pumps could not satisfactorily handle the MgO2 abrasives carried in the liquid.  Premature seal wear caused external leakage (photo 2).  And pumping efficiency declined as wear increased, with cumulative waste of energy.

Since installing the Hydra-Cell G-25 pumps (photo 1) there have been no more leaks.  So with Hydra-Cell's pumping efficiency consistently above 80%, energy costs of pumping are halved.  Moreover, seal-less design and simple build minimise maintenance, reducing both cost and frequency of parts replacement.  The net effect is to keep the Life Cycle Costs of the pumps extremely low.  Operational advantages have also been noted at Seonam.  Flow is smooth and stable, accurately controlled by varying motor speed.  And the pump can run dry without damage.

Model: G-25
Pressure: 8 bar (116 psi)


Hydrogen peroxide, MgO2, Water,

For more information regarding either seal-less pump, mixing systems or chopper pumps, contact us at Monitor Engineering Pty Ltd on:  email: or +27 11 618 3860

Date Posted: 2012-05-15
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