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Government Tender Trends for 2009


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Government tenders form the largest single group of available tenders in South Africa. This refers to both regional and national government tenders. While the tender system in South Africa is clearly not the same as that found in Australia there are nevertheless sufficient similarities to take note  of the trends outlined in this article by Linda Julian about the trends in government tenders. If you are looking for more information on Western Cape government tenders go to the Tenders page for more information


Public Sector Tender Trends 2009

With financial markets turmoil and economic uncertainty come plenty of problems as well as real opportunities. Impacts on tendering are already discernable. Here's our analysis of trends in tenders and competitive proposals this year. Government is both a bigger player in the economy and a more attractive client now. The public sector is spending more than before and they choose their service suppliers through tender processes. It was always a good idea to get to be good at tendering - now, it's an even better idea. We expect considerable overall increase in public sector tenders for expert professional services. More than in the past, capable professional service firms who have mastered the science and art of tendering will be rewarded with good business on fair terms. Federal, state, and local government, as well as quasi-public agencies in social infrastructure, education, transport and "green spaces" have money to spend with expert services suppliers who come up to the mark.

Compliance isn't "trendy" - it's vital. Shows you can work with the public sector by playing within their rules. Expect little latitude. Expect tender time frames to contract. The public sector is working to tight timelines and that flows through to shortened, rapid-fire tender processes. Panel appointment durations will often be shorter as departments and agencies roll out programmes faster and with finite lives to deliver on government policies and stimulus measures. Watch as procurement practitioners demand more of bidders. Specific, explicit responses to questions and evaluation criteria are essential to pass the test. To succeed, tender responses will be shorter, sharper, and written for the each specific occasion. Time to retire the trusty old boilerplate. Tender evaluation teams won't spend time hunting through material for the information they need. Specific examples and well-crafted case studies will allow you to demonstrate your credentials. Don't rely on claims and generalities. Most tenders will have strict limits on content.

On fewer occasions will you be able to add your customary swag of generally-impressive supplementary material. Size and word count limits will be enforced. Evaluators, under pressure to produce a defensible outcome on time, won't be resourced to read all you might want to write. Form and content of tenders will be increasingly objectified. Opportunities to differentiate many bids through elaborate branding, extensive graphics, formatting, and "fluff" factors will become more elusive. Expect your referees to be exhaustively checked. Government buyers are savvy and will not be fobbed off with "feel-good" references that you are nice folk, personable professionals, and good citizens. Online and electronic submission will become commonplace as government pushes to reduce cost. The public sector looks for strong process, procedure, and technology as the prerequisite platform for you to scale operations for their new work. "Give us the work and we'll get more clever people to do it" won't make the cut.

Strong sales messages which resonate with the wider objectives of government must be skilfully woven through your response. Even if you're allowed an executive summary, you can't depend on it alone to carry the sales pitch for a win. To win, every sentence of your response must evidence the appropriateness, effectiveness, and efficiency of your work.

Linda Julian is acknowledged as a leading authority on strategic practice development and how to win business for law firms.

Since 1979, she has consulted with lawyers and other professionals throughout Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific, and Asia on a wide range of business acquisition, client retention, and strategic management issues.

Her book The Passionate Professional: creating value, success, and prosperity has sold in 13 countries and has received wide acclaim. Linda lectures in strategic management and marketing professional services at post-graduate level. She leads the small and highly specialised Julian Midwinter & Associates consulting practice.

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For more information on Western Cape government tenders go to the Tenders page for more information 


Date Posted: 2009-06-08
Posted By: Online Tenders
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