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Chocolate Pan Spray Spraying System Minimizes Waste and Increases Throughput in Panning Operations


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Chocolate Pan Spray Spraying System Minimizes Waste and Increases

Throughput in Panning Operations 


Spraying Systems Co. offers confectioners and food processors an automated panning system for applying viscous coatings such as chocolate, sugar slurries and oils to a wide range of products including, nuts, fruits, chewing gum, and coffee beans, among others. The AccuCoat Pan Spraying System provides precise temperature control to minimize overheating of coatings and wasted batches. The fully automated system also increases throughput by operating up to six times faster than manual ladling systems and freeing operators for other tasks. Plant hygiene is also improved since there is no operator contact with coatings. The system is suitable for R&D, small batch and production applications.  Integral to the system is an AutoJet® Spray Controller with built-in application software that provides closed-loop temperature control as well as precise control of spray timing and flow rate enabling even coating of items of all sizes and decreased adhesion of especially sticky products..  AccuCoat Pan Spraying Systems include a pneumatically-actuated automatic spray nozzle, and a double-jacketed pressure tank with a built-in filter that is easier to operate than pump-based systems. Also included is a flexible jacketed hose for easy positioning of the spray nozzle inside the drum. The fully jacketed system ensures proper coating temperature all the way from tank to target. All materials of construction are food-grade. The AccuCoat Pan Spraying System can control spray nozzles for two rotating pans. For large production applications multiple systems can be utilized to meet throughput needs. Casters make the units easily movable.  

Spraying Systems Co. is the global leader in spray technology. It has the broadest product range in the industry, several manufacturing facilities and sales offices in more than 85 countries. Spray nozzles, turnkey spray systems, custom fabrication and research/testing services comprise the 70-year-old company’s offering. More information is available at or by contacting the company directly at +2711 618 3860 or


Date Posted: 2011-08-30
Posted By: Monitor Engineering
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