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Filters and Strainers from Spraying Systems Co.

A wide variety of strainers designed to prevent particles and debris from interfering with spray system performance is available from Spraying Systems Co. Styles include dozens of low-, medium- and high-pressure T-strainers and new self-cleaning strainers for high flow applications.

T-style strainers feature large open screen areas for efficient liquid straining. Designed for minimal maintenance, most models include removable bottom caps or plugs for easy accessibility to the screen assembly and a bottom pipe plug that can be replaced with a drain cock for quick-flush cleaning. Many models handle high flow rates with minimal pressure drop and a plugged top outlet for pressure gauge installation. Inlet connections range from ¼" to 3" and material choices include cast iron, aluminum, brass, stainless steel, ductile iron, polypropylene and nylon.

Self-cleaning strainers feature a unique filtering process that allows the use of poor quality water, minimizes the risk of nozzle clogging and extends the time between cleaning cycles. As debris accumulates on strainer screens, a pressure differential is created. When the pressure differential reaches a pre-set value or a predetermined amount of time has elapsed, a suction scanner rotating in a spiral motion is activated. The scanner vacuums the filter cake from the screen and expels it through an exhaust valve. Minimal water flow is required for cleaning and the downstream water supply is not interrupted. Self-cleaning strainers are available in a variety of models with varying flow rate ranges. Options include inlet/outlet diameters from 2" to 10" and filtration ranges from 20 to 600 mesh (800 to 10 microns).

Spraying Systems Co. is the global leader in spray technology. It has the broadest product range in the industry, several manufacturing facilities and sales offices in more than 85 countries. Spray nozzles, turnkey spray systems, custom fabrication and research/testing services comprise the 70-year-old company’s offering. More information is available at or by contacting the company directly at +27(11)618-3860




Date Posted: 2009-09-02
Posted By: Monitor Engineering
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