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Tips to improve your safety on the roads


By Nthabiseng Moloi, MiWay head of marketing & brand

With the recent Easter holiday period having been marred by yet another wave of traffic accidents, it’s clear that South Africa’s roads remain a dangerous place to be, both in and out of peak travel seasons.

No matter how rigorous your vehicle maintenance might be, the reality is that some accidents are impossible to prevent, be that as a result of poor weather conditions, bad visibility or irresponsible drivers.

Nonetheless, there are some measures you can put in place ahead of your next road trip to prioritise the safety of you and your family, and to ensure that you’re in a position to receive swift medical assistance in the event of any traffic misfortune.

Here are a couple of easy ways to up your peace of mind:

Stay on track
Tracking devices can mean the difference between life and death, thanks to impact sensors designed to alert your insurer to any potential accident. By installing one of these tracking devices and linking it to an emergency alert service plan, you’ll be able to expedite help to your precise location, even if you aren’t physically able to summon it yourself.

This can be an invaluable tool in times when accidents render you incapable of making a call or assisting others and can significantly up your chances of surviving a collision. Make sure to check the terms of your insurance policy prior to setting off on your trip, ensuring that your cover also includes ambulance services and towing, which could prove immensely beneficial to your bank account in the long run.

Keep your mobile charged
It might seem counter-intuitive, given the number of mobile-related accidents, but your cell phone can in fact prove essential in the event of a crisis. Thanks to in-built GPS technology, your mobile device can supply you with up-to-the-minute information regarding road conditions, ensuring you’re aware and alert at all times, and able to avoid any potentially treacherous patches of road.

Additionally, by using tools like Google Maps, you should be able to prevent getting lost, something that can trigger unnecessary panic and result in you losing concentration.

Your mobile phone is also an invaluable asset in light of an accident, enabling you to call for help and accurately document the accident scene, something that can prove invaluable when you file your insurance claim.

So make sure to keep your phone charged at all times when setting off on a long drive, but keep your eyes firmly fixed on the road.

About MiWay Emergency Assist
When accidents happen, you aren’t always in a position to reach out for help. In light of this, MiWay’s Emergency Alert service is designed to help those who aren’t in a position to help themselves.

Vehicles that have the MiHelp Plus cover option will be installed with a tracking device, which includes an impact sensor designed to indicate the severity of the incident, which will alert the MiWay 24/7 emergency call centre. If the accident appears to be critical and the emergency call centre cannot get hold of the policy owner, an ambulance will be dispatched to the incident scene.

This service could mean the difference between life and death for insured motorists who are not able to reach out for assistance in the event of a severe accident.

MiWay is an Authorised Financial Services Provider (Licence no: 33970)

Date Posted: 2017-05-19
Posted By: MiWay Insurance Limited
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