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Distance Learning : Advantages and Limitations in Higher Education


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Thanks to distance learning, higher education is no longer a dream for those who were unable to attend regular class for various reasons. Not all of them were stopped by financial constraint. Some people simply did not live close enough to the learning institutions and transportation constituted a big obstacle. For others, making the schedule was a problem. People often have family responsibilities and a full-time job to attend to at the same time, and struggle cope with another commitment. With distance learning, location and time are no longer a problem. No matter where you live and no matter how busy you are, you can set your own schedule and do the learning whenever it is convenient for you.

Source: Buzzle

The Advantages

The Internet has made things easier. And, more and more reputable learning institutions are embracing the concept. The biggest advantage of learning by long distance is the convenience. You do not have to make time in your busy schedule to travel to a campus so you can take a required class at a certain time. Wherever your computer is, that will be your classroom.

Another big advantage is that, with distance learning, there is almost no limit to what you can study. Do you dream of being a teacher? Do you want to become a registered nurse? Do you want a business degree? You can do all of those and more online. From home, you can earn an Associate Degree, or a Bachelor's Degree. You could even go for your Master's Degree. In fact, many people who have had to abandon their pursuit of a degree for one reason or another have been able to go back to school online and finally complete their studies, earning the degrees they had already worked so hard for.

The Limitations - Is Distance Learning Right for You?

It does takes discipline and organization to obtain a degree by distance. You will not have teachers or professors there to remind you to do assignments. And you will be responsible for knowing when certain work needs to be done, knowing where certain paperwork needs to go and when it needs to be there.

However, as long as you are motivated and have a strong desire for success, it will work for you. Now, distance learning and higher education go hand in hand. Location and lack of time do not have to be obstacles anymore. With all of the options out there, there is nothing to stop you from pursuing your dreams of earning a degree.

If you are contemplating on pursuing distance learning - higher education, make sure you visit our site to learn more about distance education.

By Cindy Claire

Date Posted: 2009-12-07
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