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The Benefits of Studying Online


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There are a lot of courses out you can study online. If you are interested in studying IT online use the navigation link above. For more information on Online education and online courses dig in, you might find valuable information.

Students become more about technologically and computers: You can sign-up for a Web-based course with little knowledge of the internet or minimal online experience, based on prerequisites for a given course. A few weeks into the course, however, you will have learned quite a bit about using the Internet not only to get course materials, but also how to use the internet as a study tool, and even may find some recreational uses for the internet, such as news websites, social networking, job hunting and many other things that the internet has to offer. A thorough knowledge of the internet will help you find and succeed with other online courses, personal Web research, or job-related tasks, once your online qualification has landed you a job. An Online course, such as Study-IT-Online, allow the student to learn about computers and the internet as well as provide them with the qualifications they require.

Study at your pace: Some people struggle at traditional Universities as they cannot keep up with the fast pace of lectures, assigments, projects and exams that all seem to fly at learners at an uncomfortable pace. With online study you can go at a pace that you feel comfortable with. Unless the instructor has paced the course in carefully constructed segments, but even in these situations you will get much more one-on-one time with the intsructor via e-mail correspondence, than you would in a regular class room. This means that if you can handle it, you can complete a three month course in two, which will mean more free time. Or you can take a little longer and make sure you fully understand the basics and cruise through once you have a proper understanding of the subject matter. Do assigments when you are comfortable you can handle them, not when the University decides you should do it.

Online Support: Some online classes may meet on a university campus once or a few times during a term, while others won't. In both cases the learner can get hold of the instructor by email. There are also chat rooms and discussion forums so that learners can interact about course material and offer insights and opinions other learners may not have seen. Because Tutors are focused solely on your online course e-mail correspondence will be responded to almost instantly and as experts in the course material will be able to offer you invaluable help and advice.

Study on your own terms, any time anywhere: This means that as long as there is a computer and an internet connection you can get on with your studies. Visiting an out of town friend for the weekend? No problem, working at the library? No problem, want to study something extra at work to improve your qualification? No problem. There is no restriction that you have to do the assignments at home, and there are definitely no classrooms, on a campus that takes hours to find parking. All you need is a pc and an internet connection. In fact if the assignment requires no additional research, all you need is a flash drive with the assignment on it and you can complete it literally anywhere there is a computer. You can do your work in your pjamas in the comfort of your own home or in your Sunday best while visiting your wifes family.

Better for the environment: Sore hands and illegible handwriting from speed writing assignments at the last minute will never be a problem, firstly as there won't be a last minute as you can do the work whenever you want, but also because assignments, questions, and exercises can be emailed between you and the instructors, meaning poor handwriting and printing reems of paper become a worry of the past. Even though a printer can be useful to keep a hard copy of your work for a portfolio. Unfortunately this system means excuses of the past, “the dog ate my homework” and “I forgot it at home” won't work anymore, as everything can be done and handed in electronically, so either get the work done or think of new excuses!

Online courses offer exciting benefits to students who want to use the computer to advance their educations. They are available all over the internet, but if you are interested in qualifications in the IT industry, Study-IT-Online, is an online study company that I have found to be very good in terms of the qualifications they offer. Goto

By Nicholas Krige

Date Posted: 2009-11-13
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