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4 Good Reasons to Study Online in Year 2009


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Many people can't afford to study as they need to work full time and taking time off is not an option. Also with a job comes certain requirements in terms of needing your extra time never mind the responsibilities of a family.

Therefore with online study, doing an online degree is useful and better suited for working mothers or individuals who now have money to study but can not leave their jobs. Below Amelia Turner gives four good reasons on why to get an online degree and how you can fit it into your current lifestyle. Use the link to view relevant articles for online study.      


4 Good Reasons to Earn an Online Degree in Year 2009
Author: Amelia Turner

Year 2009 will be a tough year for everyone as the world economy is slowing down and many countries are facing recession, which may affects the career future of every working individual. If you have been procrastinating over the past years and you have yet to earn a college degree, it may be a good time to consider one in 2009 and online degree may be your best option. Here are 4 good reasons to earn an online degree in year 2009.

Reason #1: Get A Job

When economy is good, you can get a job easily without a degree, but bad economy situation caused by credit crunch recently makes job market tighter in 2009, it may be continue in next few years, only those individuals with the best credentials will generally be the ones who land
the job or continue being hired while others are laid off.

Reason #2: Do Not Need To Quit Your Current Job

Earn your degree online enables to work and study simultaneously. You do not need to quit your existing job just to earn a degree. What you need to do is managing your time to focus on both job and online study. Study online eliminates the hassle of traveling to and forth from school while enabling you to get to the study materials and logon to the online classes from anywhere and at the time you are convenient with.

Reason #3: Is A Cost & Time Effective Study Option

Most online degree programs allows you to study at your own pace which you can plan to complete a degree in the shortest time possible. As compare to traditional campus-based degree programs, online degree programs are cheaper. Moreover, you save in other expenses such as the cost of traveling to and from the school and most of online study materials are in downloadable format which you can save some money to purchase those printed learning materials.

Reason #4: Invest In Your Future

Education will be the best investment you ever make as it is something no one can take away from you and it will definitely help you in some way especially in your career. There are many career related online degree programs are offered by colleges and universities which you can choose one that best fit your interest and your career goal. With higher education, you will increase your qualification for better job position and earn more income than others who do not hold a degree. Moreover, you will be at an advantage to secure a job in the bad economy situation like what happen now which has no sign to recover in the near future.


Bad economy in year 2009 has made job market tighter, only those with the best credential will survive in economy tsunami. If you have yet to earn a college degree, you may want to consider one this year and online degree might be your best option to keep you staying with your job while earning your credential for your future career investment.

Date Posted: 2009-06-18
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