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5 Tips to success for online study


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When studying at a tertiary institution, having all the amenities and support required to finish a diploma or degree is very important. Online study might seem far from that established form of study, yet its exactly that and more. 

As with any study programme their are certain rules and guidelines to help you follow through and complete your course. In the article below, Amelia Turner explains the proper method in which to do this, with her 5 simple tips. Use the link to view relating articles on online study.


5 Tips To Success In Self-Paced Online Study
By Amelia Turner

While many students and working adults who plan to further their study may benefit from the advantages of online education, there are online students failed because they can't adapt to the online learning format. If you are interested in earning your degree online, don't be part of the failure statistics. Here are 5 tips to help you succeed with your online study:

1. Learn How To Stay On Schedule

The biggest advantage of online learning is the study and assignments are in self-paced format, which you can easily plan to fit into your own schedule. But the problem is the flexibility may cause you to keep delaying your study because you have other important stuffs to focus on. You may not able to complete your study within your planned schedule or even give up the study halfway.

In order to ensure the smooth process of your online study and complete the courses on time, you must learn how to stay on schedule. Of course, to stay on schedule, you must first plan your learning schedule and set your goal of the completion date. Don't let other stuffs to interrupt your learning, follow what you have planned for. Just in case some important stuffs that cause you behind the schedule, you must try your best to work it out so that you are back on schedule as soon as possible.

2. Communicate With Your Professors Regularly

In online study, you cannot depend on face-to-face communication to get your message across. And there is no professor watch after your back to help you if you face any problem in your study. Hence, make sure you fully utilize the communication technologies such as email, telephone and even instant message to communicate frequently with your professors and get you questions answered.

3. Communicate Effectively Your Online Classmates

In school, classmates are very important to help and motivate each other with their studies. Since you and your online classmates are not meeting face-to-face, you will need to make sure you are staying in touch with your online classmates via email, chat or phone. This is especially important when working on group assignment. You and your group members must be able to communicate effective to make sure the group assignments are complete accordingly and submitted on time.

4. Print Out Your Notes

Although you can read the online learning materials from computer screen, but it's better to organize them offline into files so that you can review them without having to dig through downloaded files or other course materials.

5. Get A Mentor

If you are a person that frequently falls behind the schedule and always need someone to remind you on the due date of a certain task. Then, you will need a mentor to watch after your back to ensure you smoothly move toward the completion of you study. The mentor can be your spouse, children, parent or your best friend. Let him/her know your learning schedule and your goal to complete the online study, invite him/her to be your mentor to ensure you follow the study plan.


Not every online student will succeed in their study, you need to adapt to the online learning environment and above useful tips are able to guide you through.

Date Posted: 2009-06-17
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