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Business Tourism In Johannesburg 'The City of Gold'


Johannesburg is a business mecca and so attracts businessman from all over the world who converge to this city of South African business. The main criteria that makes Johannesburg a great place for luxury business accommodation is the fantastic conference venues and up market restaurants. The first class accommodation, one of which is the boutique hotel, The Parkwood, in Rosebank caters for business tourists. 

In the article below, Sarah Manners discusses what Johannesburg has that makes it the business capital and what it has to offer to the worlds business tourists. Use the link to view various articles on business accommodation on CBN's website as well as other business related topics.      


Business Tourism In Johannesburg
Author: Sarah Manners

Johannesburg: The City of Gold
The discovery of gold in what is now known as the city of Johannesburg sparked off one of the fastest South African urban developments. Johannesburg or the 'city of gold' as it is fondly referred to, is one of the most diverse areas in South Africa. It is South Africa’s premier business destination and is as rich as the cultures and heritages made up by its 5 million inhabitants.

South Africa’s business hub
South Africa’s premier business destination, Johannesburg, is the most powerful commercial centre on the African continent. 74% of South African companies’ headquarters are located in this business hub. It is also home to the Johannesburg Securities Exchange, the biggest stock exchange in Africa and the 16th biggest in the world. Though Johannesburg has financial, municipal, transport and telecommunications infrastructure that rival leading first world cities the cost of living is so much lower, making it the ideal location for business tourism.

Business Tourism
Johannesburg has become the premier destination for domestic and international business tourists. 36% of domestic and 32% of international tourists to Johannesburg come solely for business purposes. It makes financial sense for international business travellers to come to Johannesburg as it will cost two to three times less than when travelling to London, New York or Paris for the same purpose. Johannesburg has become a magnet for international conventions such as the ‘World Summit on Sustainable Development’. It is the cities world class venues, such as the Sandton Convention Centre, and infrastructure that have enabled it to become a much sought after destination for international business tourists.
Johannesburg international Airport
The busiest and most business friendly airport in Africa is located in Johannesburg. The Johannesburg international airport accommodates approximately 13 million passengers a year and about 1.2 million of these are business travellers. The airport is located approximately 30 minutes away from Johannesburg’s business. There are various car rental companies that operate from the airport and there are a variety of taxi services that can take business tourists to their hotels.

There is no shortage of accommodation in Johannesburg and its surrounding areas. Whilst some business tourists like to stay in the business hub itself, others prefer to stay at the hotels a short drive away where they can have the feeling that they are also on holiday. There is a huge amount of variety when it comes to accommodation in Johannesburg and business travellers will always find the perfect location to suite all of their needs. Many of the hotels offer conference facilities which companies can hire, making the commute from hotel room to boardroom that much more seemless. Many businesses chose to hold their conferences in hotels such as this as it is more practical for the company. The hotel will usually set up the room, provide the technological assistance and the catering.

Tourist attractions in the surrounding areas
Whilst on business to Johannesburg most travellers try and fit in some time to see the very worthwhile tourist attractions in the area. There are a multitude of museums, parks, botanical gardens and historical sites in and around Johannesburg. The casinos in and around the area provide fun-filled evenings after a long days work. There are a variety of fantastic golf courses in the area as well, some of which are world ranked and often frequented by business tourists. Travelling around Johannesburg taking in the sights and sounds of its different suburbs, sampling local as well as international cuisine and the impressive nightlife are but a few of the things to do whilst on business in this cosmopolitan city.

For those who want to explore Johannesburg on a grater scale a 50 minute drive will take them straight to the ‘Cradle of Humankind’. A world heritage site consisting of over 200 caves in which 13 fossil sites have been found, the oldest of which is an estimated 2, 5 million years old.
The Hartebeespoort dam located not too far out of the business hub is an excellent venue for water sports such as boating, fishing and water skiing. There is also a snake park, fresh-water aquarium and a 2 km cableway taking visitors to a viewing site on the Magaliesberg.

Choose Johannesburg
Johannesburg, South Africa’s major business destination is home to world class venues and infrastructure. There is so much to do and see in this city of gold that business tourists are afforded the opportunity of being leisure tourists as well.

Date Posted: 2009-07-08
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