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Boutique guests Houses and Hotels - What to Expect


It seems like just yesterday when boutique guests houses and hotels were few and far between, the good reason for this being that they only came to be over the last two to three decades. As such many are still unaware of the benefits that they offer to the traveller looking to enjoy a personalized travelling experience. If you have already turned on to the luxury of boutique accommodation and remain unconvinced, that may be because the hotel or guest house that used the name 'boutique' did not offer the personal level of service that it should have. Take a look at the article below which explains what you should expect from your boutique guest house or hotel...

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Boutique Hotels Are Here To Stay

Boutique hotels aren’t a passing fad or a here-today-gone-tomorrow trend. They are a growing sector of the hospitality market.

When the first “boutique” hotel opened in New York in 1984, it caused a stir. Shedding tradition, its whole purpose was to turn a paid-for bedroom into a whole new travel experience. Since then, small, chic hotels have sprung up all over the world; some more successfully than others. Those who have followed the fundamental theme of design-led individuality have experienced incredible success and that in turn has spawned a new generation of these stylish hotels.

What are the essential characteristics of this type of hotel that will ensure its place in the industry?

Individuality – boutique hotels are all different. Housed in a wide range of buildings, many of which weren’t intended as hotels or even houses originally, they use design and architecture to create entirely individual structures and spaces that catch the attention and stimulate the senses. Whatever theme or style has been chosen, you’ll never stay in a boutique hotel that’s exactly the same as the last one you stayed in.

Style – personality and style matter to these hotels. It’s what gives them their intimate atmosphere; their air of authenticity. Boutique hotels go for style that’s deliberately introduced and followed through to the smallest of details, resulting in all-round quality that’s really appreciated by the guests.

Service – many other parts of the service industry could learn from these small hotels. Their low guest numbers gives them the opportunity to shine when it comes to looking after residents, and their service is always discreet but immediate; helpful without pestering and always pleasant, never patronising.

Quality – discerning guests know quality when they see it; from the finest bed linen to the freshest ingredients. A boutique hotel takes the time to source materials, furnishings, fabrics and accessories of the finest quality, ensuring that guests are always experiencing comfort and style.

Boutique hotels are here to stay because we like them. For not much more cost than an average high street hotel, they allow us to enjoy the experience of travelling. They give us good design, a high standard of decoration and fittings and outstanding service, reminding us that we often set our standards too low when we travel. They allow us to relax and spend our time exploring and enjoying our destination rather than sorting out problems with the accommodation. They remind us that where we stay is as important as where we go.

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About Chic Retreats.Chic Retreats is a collection of small, individual hotels around the world that offer the traveller a true taste of luxury and service. Visit our website now by clicking on Boutique Hotels


Date Posted: 2009-04-20
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