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Why You Should Hire a Project Manager for Your Construction Project


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Many homeowners are realising the benefits of outsourcing their construction, renovation or remodelling projects to construction managers who handle the entire project from start to finish. A construction project manager can significantly minimise construction delays and control costs, ensuring that the project stays within the planned budget. The project manager is also responsible for choosing and managing sub contractors, scheduling various activities and controlling quality.  Typically, construction project management includes:
  • Determining specific project goals and plans, budgets and schedules.
  • Choosing performance benchmarks and project members.
  • Arranging labour, material and equipment in an efficient manner.
  • Coordinating, executing and controlling the planning, design, budgeting, contracting and construction.
  • Building effective communication systems and having a system in place for conflict resolution.

When a construction project manager is hired, the homeowner should have a clear idea about the costs at various stages throughout the project.  The project manager will plan and organise multiple aspects of the project to ensure it goes smoothly and without hitch. The project manager also handles health and safety issues and administration. To get a clear idea, here is an overview of a few things a construction project manager does:

  • He works with homeowners to understand what they want and gets details about the project.
  • He prepares a competitive costing for the project based on labour and material costs.
  • He identifies and appoints contractors.
  • He designs a plan, sub-contracting certain procedures.
  • He advises the client on environmental and regulatory issues.
  • He organises surveys and obtains the necessary approvals and permissions.
  • He aims to maximise the efficiency of resources.
  • The project manager controls the quality of work and materials and ensures that project milestones are met in time without delays.

Construction project managers are usually qualified and experienced in the building industry and also insured to tackle any eventualities.  Many homeowners assume they can handle their remodeling or construction project on their own and save on costs. The truth is that if something goes wrong, it can lead to inflated costs and unexpected delays. While the overall costs will depend on the nature and duration of the project, with a project manager in charge, the homeowner has an accurate idea of costs before the work commences.

A construction manager also has to take care of various activities that must be completed before the actual construction project begins. After the project is reviewed, if necessary, the project manager can help procure land for the site.

The construction project manager recruits and supervises the workers and sub contractors hired for the project. He takes care of ordering materials for the project and making sure that these are compliant with the quality standards while staying within budget. A periodic review is carried out to take care that there are no regulatory violations or delays. Any unexpected obstacles are appropriately dealt with to keep the construction project on track.

The construction project manager wears a variety of hats – handling the roles of supervisor, planner and often, worker. For the homeowner it means the project will be professionally completed and handed over. When the project manager is involved from the early stages of the project it minimises costly construction delays, resulting in big cost benefits.  The synergy between the construction project manager, sub contractors and owner at each stage of the project promotes a unity of vision, making sure that the project is not only within budget, but also within the agreed time frame.  Laubscher & Young have assisted numerous clients with project management on their construction, civil and building sites.  The Laubscher & Young team has a unique quality control system that is tailored on a per-client basis to fit the client’s needs.  Contact us to discuss the project management of your construction project or take a look at our portfolio.

Date Posted: 2011-05-22
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