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Renovate Your Home for Less


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There are many ways to renovate and revamp your home, the main criteria is to keep it as affordable as possible. One way to do this is to Do-It-Yourself (DIY) or to spruce up what you already have both are easy enough and cheap. In times where money is tight and people are losing their jobs, being efficient with your bank balance is the best way to ensure you stay afloat.

Renovating your home is a time consuming project that can spiral out of financial control, follow a plan and be prepared. In the article below Benedict Smythe discusses the ways that you can spend less on renovating your home. Use the navigation link to view various articles on home renovation on CBN's website, as well as business related articles.  

Home Renovation For Less
By: Benedict Smythe

Many would want to give their home a new look but they are always hindered by the cost that renovation could bring. But there are actually ways to achieve that new look for your home without your pockets going empty.


There are lots of do-it-yourself shops out there that you can visit and get ideas from. If it will be just a minor renovation, you can do the works yourself. If you are confident on your carpentry skills, you could purchase furniture or home add-ons from do-it-yourself shops instead of having to pay for a skilled carpenter. Materials from these kinds of shops are also quite cheap and they offer many choices.

Reduce, Re-use, Recycle

These three R’s are not just for garbage and trash. They could also be applied to your home. By reducing the items inside your home, you instantly gain a new spacious look. So if you have many things that you do not really need, now is the time to put them on garage sale or donate them to charity. Clearing up your home with unnecessary things will allow it to breathe and could also improve the indoor air quality.

Instead of buying new furniture pieces, you could re-use your existing ones and just give them a new look. You could re-stain that dining table to give it a new look or add a cushion seat to your dining chair to give it a comfortable touch.

There are many ways to reinvent your furniture. You could paint or stain your wooden pieces, re-upholster that couch that you got from your grandma to give it a fresh and modern look, or transform that old dining table to a new coffee table. There are endless possibilities that you can do to make your old stuff look like new without having to spend so much.

Not only will you save on money because you do not have to buy new furniture, you get to keep the sentimental value of the things that have been in your home for a long time.

Double Purpose Furniture

If in case you really need to buy new furniture, go for ones that have double purpose. For example, if you need a furniture piece for storage and a screen divider, you could buy a freestanding open shelving unit that you could use as storage and as a divider. Always go for items that could give you several purposes. This way you are cutting down the cost of your furniture and at the same time save space inside your home.

Expose a Little

Take out those heirloom pieces that are hidden away in the attic and put them out on display. Or do not be afraid to expose your pots and pans and hang them in the kitchen creatively so they could also serve as display. There are many things that we keep hidden that sometimes could be used to make our homes look attractive. Display items do not have to be expensive. You just have to know what to combine or put together to create a look that is unique and interesting.

Date Posted: 2009-08-05
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