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How to Plan a Wedding: Are You Planning Your Own Wedding?


Love is considered as a temporary insanity and can be cured by marriage. The golden key, which will help us to maintain our sanity while we plan our wedding, is mainly to stay enjoy ourselves and at the same time be motivated and focused so that things will end smoothly. For this type of life's most significant event, you have two options. You can either hire a wedding planner who will look after the whole work or you can do it yourself. A wedding planner will do everything for you but the fun and enjoyment you get when you make self wedding planning checklist are totally different. So, are you want to make your wedding a memorable event by doing and taking care of every little event all by yourself? Then if you will follow little tips, you will be able to do it and can avoid stress too. This phase is called as yourself wedding planning stage.


The foremost thing you need to concentrate is the budget. Make sure you stick to your budget and won't end up buying all the extra stuff and wedding gizmos, which will leave yourself in debts. To have the latest fancy appetizers, you need to have a big budget set. The food expense will depend on how you want to organize things and the number of varieties you want on the menu. So to do all this within your budget, the best thing what one can do is to book or set things well in advance or when the prices are low.

The next most important thing to give a thought is to start plan your wedding and act on them as soon as you decide on your wedding date. This means start arrangements for everything by writing to your wedding check list a photographer, florist, reception hall, wedding dresses, church, caterers etc. All this means you got to prepare huge checklists. You will have to call up people, buy lots of things, flower arrangements, ordering the wedding cake, buying wedding rings, decorations etc. So do not procrastinate and act faster so that everything will go on fine and on time and you can avoid stress also this way. If you are not able to do anything or caught up with something, then you can surely take the assistance of your friends or relatives, as everyone love weddings and will surely guide and support you.

You need to have lots of fun and excitement too in your marriage. You are marrying the person you have been dreaming, so don't you think every event is an unforgettable one in your life? For this you need to balance the wedding plan and also time for enjoyment. Nothing is perfect, so sometimes you might experience few glitches there and here but all this is a part of wedding planning, so you need not get tensed and react coolly towards such things. If you just think about the main wedding day for a moment while you're planning out things, then the excitement and happiness that you get on your face will relieve you from stress and help you enjoy every act you do for the precious day in your life.

Of course, it's impossible to put everything about plan a wedding into just one article. But I hope you can't deny that you've just added volume to your understanding of this process, and that's time well spent.

About the Author:

Oleg Savchenko is the author of the sites "Wedding Planning - Weddings on a Budget" and "How to Plan a Wedding". He used some tips on his own wedding and his knowledge of self wedding planning based on his own experience. Subscribe to his daily FREE eMail Course and receive 30 lessons, tips and tricks right into your inbox!


Date Posted: 2010-01-25
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