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Signs to Determine If He Is Interested In Marriage


It is a topic that confuses both men and women. Men continually obssess about things like, when is the right time to propose, how should I propose?, will she say yes?, is she the right one for me?, can I afford it?. Women on the other hand worry about whether or not he will ever propose. But when that right person comes along and the engagement happens it is always good to have an experienced company help you plan the day. The Perfect Wedding bases in Cape Town can offer you all you need to know, from the brides dress to hints and tips for the day, go to to find out more.

Article by: Chris J Roberts

Many women who are in dating relationships are usually obsessed with the thought of marriage. 'Is he really ready to marry me,' you may wonder. This is something that bothers many of us since our male counterparts do not seem to be ready to commit as soon as we would like. Relatively few men go through the dating stage quickly and soon walk down the aisle with their girlfriends. Quite a good number of them seem to stall at the dating stage, something that leaves their girlfriends wondering whether they are really serious.

While many men won't readily talk about the issue of marriage, there are important signs that will help you to determine where he really stands as far as your relationship is concerned. This article will let you know of just a few of these signs.

The phrases he uses

When your boyfriend is seriously considering moving your relationship to the next level, there are some words and phrases he will use that will tell you where he is heading. For instance, you will notice that he begins to talk relatively more in plural terms. Instead of referring to himself, he will frame his statements in a way that shows both of you as participants in whatever is being discussed. A man who is not ready to commit will not speak about things you should do together in the future, especially when focusing in the long term.

His plans

In addition to speaking in plural terms, a guy who is ready to commit will have clear plans about the things he hopes to carry out. This is basically his way of ensuring that he prepares well for taking care of his future family.

It is even more significant if he includes you to take some part in these plans. For instance, if your boyfriend asks for your point of view about such an issue as the purchase of a home, it is a very good indicator of his commitment to marrying you.

When your boyfriend clearly shows that he values your opinion on such weighty matters, it proves that he esteems you highly and would like to make you a part of his future.

These are among the numerous signs that will help you to determine a man's commitment as far as your relationship is concerned. In addition, there are a number of things that you can do in order to win his heart and make him long for a lasting commitment.


Date Posted: 2009-10-02
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