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Ten Things to Avoid on Your Wedding Day

Every bride-to-be is always anxious to make sure nothing goes wrong on her wedding day, but time can run away with you. Preparing for every area of the wedding is important, something that you might take for granted will go smoothly ends up being the one thing that ruins the day for you.

Be thorough and rather double check with that award wining make-up artist or photographer, what you have in mind might not be what they have in mind. In the article below Iman Jabr discusses the top ten factors that could lead to downward spiral of a wedding day gone wrong.

Read the article to avoid these mistakes and have a great wedding day. Use the navigation link to view articles on the perfect wedding on CBN's website as well as business related articles.      

Ten Things Not To Do On Your Wedding Day
Author: iman jabr

Wedding day: It's the day that every girl dreams of... the white dress and the bride that looks like a princess.. everyone is happy and everything goes on as planned for..  we want it special and we want it perfect.. we plan for everything and we try too hard to make it flawless. However, there are some tiny small things that we may not pay attention to, and that may ruin the most intimate day of our life.

 Below are ten things that you must NOT do on your wedding day:

 1- Don't do waxing on your wedding day! Waxing usually leaves your skin red and irritated for a couple of days. Therefore, if you wish to do waxing, it will better if you do it a couple of days before your wedding to get rid of the redness or any undesired spots

 2- Don't drink too many liquids on your wedding day. This might sound like a silly advice but imagine going to rest room with your long heavy white wedding dress!!

 3- The centre of attention of each wedding party is the definitely the bride... and more specifically her wedding dress. However, do not pick a dress only because it looks good on you. Make sure the dress you pick actually works for you. Do not pick a dress that does not fit even if it looks gorgeous. If your dress is strapless, make sure you got the right fitting; otherwise you will spend your whole wedding party hiking up your dress! It will appear on your video and will be criticized by everyone. Avoid dresses that are too long, unless you want every shoe in the wedding to step on it. Do not pick a dress that is too heavy, especially if you are a little woman. Remember that you will be wearing that dress for the whole night. If you don't feel comfortable with a dress, don't get it, even if it is the latest design.

 4- Never underestimate what a comfortable pair of shoes can do for you on your wedding night. Don't pick a pair of shoes only because it looks elegant and matches your dress. If you plan to dance and enjoy your night, make sure you are wearing conformable shoes.

 5- When picking your bridal flower bouquet, do not pick flowers that cause allergy. Go for allergy-free and pollen-free flowers. This way you will not only avoid sneezing, but will also avoid ending up with a pollen stain on your white dress. Flowers such as Goldenrod are well known for being rich with pollen. Consult your florist for the right advice

 6- Do not let your hair and make up artist surprises you on your wedding day. No matter how much you trust your make up and hair stylist, do not let him decide how you will look on your wedding party. Inform your make up stylist how you want your hair style to be, and notify him about your preferable make up colours and shades. If possible, go for a free trial before your wedding day. The last thing you want on your wedding day is to show with hair style or make up that you hate.

 7- Do not fake a smile for the camera. All brides try to show smiling in their pictures, and some worry that the camera may catch them not smiling on the big day! But faking a smile is not a solution. It will make you look phony and deprives you from your shine. Act spontaneously and you will be at your best.

 8- Never invite someone that you do not like to your wedding. This is supposed to be your one special day where you are surrounded by those you love. There is nothing worse than looking around in your wedding day to see a face that you hate among the crowd. Invite someone you hate to your wedding party, and you will be giving him a life chance to ruin it! Knowing how important this might be for you, he may do anything to make it less perfect; stealing attention, getting drunk and making a scene or even criticizing you in front of your guests! Its simple: If you don't like someone, don't invite him!

 9- Don't invite your ex to your wedding! You will feel uncomfortable knowing he is watching every single move you make. If you feel you need to invite your ex because maybe you are close friends now, make sure that you do not invite him alone.

10- Finally, don't get into argument with your groom in front of your guests. No matter what may happen between the both of you, your wedding party is not the right place to show it. You and your groom are the centre of attention and any act done by you will be noticed and remembered by your guests will remember forever. Curiosity will lead them to ask and to gossip. If you disagree on something, or if something wrong comes up, act as adults. Discuss it calmly or wait till party is over.

Date Posted: 2009-08-19
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