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Planning a Themed Wedding!!!

Nowadays themed weddings  have became popular just as church weddings are. When planing your wedding you can consider a themed wedding - you will have to find a certain concept of your choice to follow and the right themed wedding invitations. there are a lot of themes you can choose from or come up with.

Read the article below it gives a couple of themes you can choose from. You can also use the link to get more relevant articles on weddings as well as business news from

Planning a Themed Wedding? You'll Need Themed Wedding Invitations!
By Sarah Simmons

Themed weddings are all the rage these days, so it only makes sense that you'd stay in line with the concept and choose themed wedding invitations to match. Finding the right themed wedding invitations can be fun and easy. Just match the color of your invitations to the theme with custom mix and match wedding invitations, or read on for great themed wedding invitation ideas!

Floral Themed Weddings

Is your wedding going to be a floral feast for the eyes? Get the wedding invitations to match! Whether it's a pretty botanical print background or a real pressed blossom, flowered wedding invitations give guests a glimpse of what's in store. A classic rose theme reveals the romantic in you, while cheery daisies match your sunny disposition. If you are more nature-oriented, try adding in a flower or two! Pressed dried flowers are great for making a nature-friendly statement. Skip the multi-colored daisies in favor of pressed aspen leaves or lobelias. Wild larkspurs with their imperfect petals look lovely, and pressed violas, while standard for your front yard, are quite unique for wedding invitations.

Holiday Themed Weddings

Whether you favor Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Thanksgiving or Christmas, holiday themed weddings can be some of the most fun guests will ever have! Many wedding invitation companies offer custom Mix 'n Match Wedding Invitations to choose from, so all you have to do is choose complementary holiday colors (such as orange and black for Halloween or red and green for Christmas) in a classic, modern or contemporary layout! For extra fun, add in accessories like ribbons or candy. Just think of the fun invitees will have opening Valentine's Day wedding invitations with sweetheart candy inside or Christmas wedding invitations with candy canes!

Green Themed Weddings

It's not always being green, and we don't mean the color (sorry Kermit). Finding green themed wedding invitations can be quite simple however! Today's green weddings are all about sustainability and organic goodness, so show your commitment to not wasting paper by going with fold over wedding invitations that use the smallest amount of paper, or pick wedding invitations made from recycled paper. To drive your point home, you can use green shades like Sour Apple or Celery, and be sure to encourage your guests to recycle.

Beach Themed Weddings

Getting married on the beach? Get your guests in the mood for sun and sand with Beach Wedding Invitations featuring waves, seashells or beach scenes. Or keep things simple with ocean colored wedding invitations featuring gorgeous hues such as Aquamarine, Cape Cod Blue, Pacific Blue or Seafoam.

College Themed Weddings

Long past are the days where people married right out of the high school; these days, if you're hitched by your mid-twenties, you're getting in early! There are exceptions, though - if you're lucky enough to have met your true love in college you may be headed for a post-grad wedding. If you're getting married fairly soon after graduation (a June wedding, perhaps?), why not keep up the collegiate spirit with wedding invitations in your school colors?

Patriotic Themed Weddings

Whether you're having a military wedding, getting married on the Fourth of July, or you just want to add a dash of red, white, and blue to your festivities, now is the time to let your patriotism show. Show your love with for the United States of America with anything from a flag-friendly wedding theme to the familiar trio of recognizable colors on your wedding invitations!

Kid-Friendly Weddings

Maybe you grew up in a big family. Maybe you and he already have children of your own. Whatever your reasoning, you're part of a trend! Kid-friendly weddings are increasingly acceptable in this day and age. With a kid-friendly theme, you want to make sure to go with colors that match the mood. This is no time for somber dulled pastels or stark ivory - bring some fun and whimsy to your wedding invitations with the brightest shades you can find! When the fun starts with the wedding invitations, your guests will know they're in for a fabulous family-friendly time!

Wedding invitations are so much more than just printed cards in envelopes, they're a window into your wedding, giving guests a way to get excited about your upcoming nuptials. If you're having a themed wedding, be sure to do things right and get themed wedding invitations to match! Your themed wedding invitations will be the precursor to the whole event, guiding the way to the best day of your life. 

Date Posted: 2009-07-27
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