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Finding Affordable Wedding Jewelry


In the current world economic recession, planning a wedding is a highly stressful experience. The cost of living is forcing many couples to find alternatives to make their wedding day work for them. Wedding jewelry can of course be very expensive, but in the article below, Lara lee gives some helpful advice on how and where to get the jewelry.

Most weddings tend to break the bank, but this is not necessary. The advice that is offered here is a real and easy way to get the effect you want for your wedding day. You might be surprised to find some real gems that you otherwise wouldn't have come across.

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Top Tips For Finding Cheap Wedding Jewelry
Author: Lara Lee

If you have planned for a wedding and yet your budget can't let you afford that perfect wedding you desire for your wedding, you can find a variety of quality wedding jewelry for less than you thought would be possible. Below are a few tips for finding a piece are relatively cheap prices.

Consider Buying on eBay.

eBay has whatever you can think of in terms of wedding jewelry. There are numerous inexpensive wedding jewelry available through auction or eBay stores. Different wedding jewelry is constantly being listed on eBay. Available on eBay are many inexpensive accessories to choose from.

Go for inexpensive pearls.

Consider going for freshwater cultured pearls which are much cheaper than the other types. Pearl-shaped crystals are also cheaper. Do not try to be what you can't be.

Opt for silver or gold-plated.

Jewelry which is silver or gold-plated can be another option. The difference in quality between silver and gold may not be so obvious to an average observer. You can get away with it.

Consider buying replicas.

Replica stones can be very difficult to distinguish from a distance and to the haphazard eye, can be indistinguishable from real stones. If you have identified a piece of jewelry that you like but you can't afford, you can get a similar piece with expensive materials and yet good looking at an affordable price.

Ask for a discount from your store.

Ask for discounts if you plan to buy several pieces from your store. Do not fear to make an offer on a piece you like. Many online stores, designers and other independent traders can relax their price if you bargain.

Rent jewelry for your wedding.

If you can't afford a piece of jewelry you want for your wedding, renting one for the ceremony and reception is just fine.

Craft your own jewelry.

You can use craft stores like Hobby Lobby and Ben Franklin. These stores have aisles devoted to jewelry-making supplies which you can use. There are also several supplies listed on eBay that you can use for making your own jewelry. This can minimize costs.

Consider borrowing.

With stressed budget, wearing a jewelry piece borrowed from your mom, aunt, friend and even your grandmother can do wonders as well.

You now have no reason to acquire your favorite piece without hurting your budget.

Always remember to use these tips to get that perfect jewelry for your big day.

Date Posted: 2009-07-02
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