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Selecting Photos You Want Taken on Your Wedding Day


Photos taken on your wedding day can be large in number but poor in variation. Also the humdrum and sometimes confusion of that day, can have people that should be in photos, totally left out. The best way of avoiding mishaps, such as forgetting about certain family members that you would like to have pictures of, is to have a list of photos you want. 

By using this list the photographer knows where he/she should be and what photos you want of whom. It is a practical and manageable form of organisation for the wedding photographer and you can give copies to brides maids and have them inform those who should be photographed.

Below Adrian Tatum gives a possible list of photos that can be given to the wedding photographer and that can help give you an idea of how to sort yours. Use the link to view various articles on having your perfect wedding day.


Choosing Your Official Wedding Photographer and Selecting the Photos You Would Like Included
By Adrian Mark Tatum

Official Photograph Suggestions
Below is a list of suggestions for your official photos for you to mark up and hand to your photographer.
Bride's Photos - Before the Wedding Ceremony:

    * Bride getting ready
    * Bride putting on her dress
    * Bride having her hair and makeup applied
    * Bride with Mother
    * Bride with Father
    * Bride with both Parents
    * Bride with Chief Bridesmaid
    * Bride with all Bridesmaids
    * Bride and Father getting into car
    * Bride's Mother and Father
    * Bride's bouquet
    * Bride's party waiting before the service

Grooms Wedding Photos before the Ceremony:

    * Groom getting ready
    * Groom and Best Man
    * Groom, Best Man and Ushers
    * Groom wit Mother
    * Groom with Father
    * Groom with both Parents
    * Picture of the rings
    * Picture of the Order of Service
    * Groom's party waiting before the service

Wedding Photos at the Wedding Ceremony:

    * Groom arriving at the wedding venue
    * Guests arriving at the wedding venue
    * Ushers escorting guests
    * Musicians, organists at wedding venue
    * Groom waiting for Bride
    * Groom and Best Man at the alter
    * Bride and Father arriving at church and getting out of the car
    * Bride and Father entering the wedding venue
    * Bride and Father walking down aisle

Wedding Pictures During the Wedding Ceremony:

    * Bride and Groom during ceremony
    * Pictures of readers
    * Bride and Groom exchanging vows / rings
    * Vicar or Registrar during service
    * Couple at High Alter
    * Couple tying the knot
    * Signing of the register
    * Wedding party gathered for signing of the register
    * Bride and Groom's first kiss
    * Bride and Groom Walking back down the aisle
    * A backward picture of your guests at the church or wedding venue
    * Pictures of the fabric of the church or wedding venue, stain glass windows, pictures of flower arrangements etc.

Be aware it is worth checking with your venue particularly churches as many will not allow any wedding photos during the ceremony, a good relationship with the vicar may smooth the passage.
Wedding Photographs Before the Reception:

    * Bride and Groom with attending party
    * Bride and Groom with both sets of parents
    * Bride and Groom with family from each side
    * Groom with both Mothers
    * Groom with both Fathers
    * Bride with both Mothers
    * Bride with both Fathers
    * Bride and Groom with Grandparents
    * Bride and Groom with Bride's whole family
    * Bride and Groom with Groom's whole family

Wedding Photographs at the Wedding Breakfast:

    * Bride and Groom Arriving and being greeted
    * Receiving line
    * Group shot of all guests
    * General reception room shot
    * Table shots
    * Photo of the cake
    * Place card settings
    * Bride and Groom cutting the cake
    * Toasting the Bride and Groom
    * Best Man's speech
    * Bride's Father's speech
    * Groom's speech
    * Any other speeches
    * Musicians
    * Bride and Groom's first dance
    * Bride dancing with her Father
    * Groom dancing with Bride's Mother
    * Bride dancing with Groom's Father
    * Groom dancing with his Mother
    * Bride throwing her bouquet
    * Catching of the bouquet
    * Leaving line
    * Bride and Groom departing
    * Pictures of the guests interacting with each other

Questions to ask when choosing your Photographer

    * Do they offer traditional wedding photography? Photo-journalism? Or both?
    * How many and what kind of cameras do they use? (Do you have backup equipment if something breaks?)
    * Do they use film based or digital cameras or a combination of both?
    * Is colour and black and white photography included within the package or is there an extra fee for black and white?
    * How many hours does the package include? Is there an extra fee for all day coverage? Are you willing to arrive early to take individual photos of us getting ready and with our families before the ceremony?
    * Will they stay for the speeches? Cake cutting? First dance? Until you leave the reception?
    * How long do you typically spend taking formal photos? Ensure this fits with your plan for your day.
    * Ask to see examples of their work. Complete wedding albums and online photo selections.
    * Is all the work you are seeing entirely their own?
    * Do you work with an assistant?
    * Does the package include one or two photographers and is there an extra fee for a second photographer?
    * Will they charge for their travel to and from our venues?
    * Is there an additional fee if the wedding and reception are in more than one location?
    * Can they accommodate a third location for pictures should you have one? Is there a charge for this?
    * Do they offer only traditional albums or do you have a wide variety of options to choose from including coffee table style books?
    * Is the number of pictures you take limited in any way?
    * Will you get to choose the pictures to go in our album?
    * When will the album be available?
    * Will they print photos for you?
    * Do they you offer a website and / or CD of the images? If so, is this included in the package?
    * If their standard packages are not exactly what you are looking for are they willing to customise a package for you?
    * What are their terms for payment?
    * What insurance policies does he have

Date Posted: 2009-06-19
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