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Wedding Rings - Styles and Trends


The wedding ring is the symbol of your love for one another, it is the clear message to the world of your bond with one another. There are so many styles and sizes for a wedding ring for both the bride and the groom. 

Choosing one that you are happy with and that suits your finger can be a tall order in regards to the various options available. The precious metal used to make your ring of choice can be inspired by history, tradition or have a modern influence. It's all up to you, below are some ideas on wedding ring designs and styles by Erdem Alganatay. Use the link to view various articles on having your perfect wedding.


Wedding Rings - Styles and Trends
Author: Erdem Alganatay

The choice a couple makes when it comes to wedding rings is important on two different levels. First, wedding rings are an important expression of a couple and their pledge of lifelong fidelity and love. Second, wedding rings are worn for a lifetime and must therefore be chosen in styles that will be both timeless and chic.

The In and Outs of Selection

There are a few core decisions that need to be made when it comes to a couple's wedding bands.

1. Diamonds - They are said to be a girl's best friend, but plenty of couples decide against including diamonds and instead go with a well-chosen gold band for both the man and the woman. While a diamond is often the central feature of more traditional engagement rings, eliminating the diamond allows for a more elaborate design on the bands themselves.

2. Metal - There are three primary choices for wedding bands: Gold, platinum or silver. While these are not the only metals available to couples, they are by far the most widely used metals of all. The metal you choose is a huge determining factor in the overall look and style of your wedding bands.

3. Matching - Every couple must decide whether they want their wedding bands to match or not match. This goes for the engagement ring as well as the bride and groom's wedding bands. Some couples opt for individual non-matching expressions, while others prefer the aesthetic continuity of matching ring sets.

Current Trends

Unlike regular jewelry trends that change with each passing season, wedding rings must retain a certain timeless quality that will endure throughout a lifetime (or more, if passed down through the generations). Each year, new wedding band trends hit the market and attempt to add unique touches to classic styles. A few new trends are all the rage for 2009:

1. Three Stone - This band has been very popular in decades past and is enjoying resurgence in 2009. Into the wedding band itself, three stones are embedded, which are said to symbolize the past, present and future of both spouses that are being made into one.

2. Eternity Wedding Bands - This wedding band features multiple stones embedded around the entire circumference of the ring. These stones are typically recessed into the band, as opposed to protruding out from the band.

3. Celtic Wedding Bands - There is an increasing trend toward Celtic-inspired wedding bands in recent years. These bands are typically intricately engraved or woven with beautiful and elegant intertwining knots around the entire surface of the wedding bands. These rings can be made out of any precious metal and they may incorporate precious stones, embedded throughout the design or protruding from the top of the engagement ring in traditional fashion.

Whether you choose to purchase a wedding ring that fits with the current trends of 2009 or you choose to go with a more traditional ring style, it is important to make sure that you choose a style that is likely to stay appealing to you throughout the many different seasons of your life. Like a spouse, your choice of a wedding ring is forever.  

Date Posted: 2009-06-19
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