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Ideas for Bridal/Wedding Shower Games


A bridal shower is not something that accompanies every single wedding, but if you are planning a wedding and don't have your maid of honour planning one for you, it is something you should consider.

The friends and the family of the bride coming together outside of the context of the wedding day itself is a very bonding experience, and those who attend the bridal shower are likely to better enjoy the wedding as it is an opportunity for the people from the various parts of the bride's life to meet one another in a relaxed atmosphere. A good way to break the ice at this occasion is through some fun bridal shower games...

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Bridal Shower Games
By: Uttara Manohar

Planning a fun bridal shower? Make sure your guests have a great time with some amusing bridal shower games.

Although a bridal shower has to be beautiful and elegant, it need not be a staid and boring one. If you are planning a bridal shower for someone, then as a hostess you need to make sure that your bridal shower doesn’t turn out to be a dull and boring event. A bridal shower has to be enjoyable and fun, both for the guests as well as the cynosure of everyone’s eyes- the bride of course! Bridal shower games will ensure that all your guests are enjoying themselves. In addition to this, if you have a motley crowd to entertain, (which is possible since different people who know the bride but don’t know each other are invited together for the shower.) then bridal shower games act as great icebreakers and create a friendly atmosphere.

Things to Remember while planning Bridal Shower Games

First of all, know your audience. Think about games that can be enjoyed by everyone attending the wedding shower. Often at times, bridal shower games might be focused on the bride but do not necessarily involve the bride in the game. Avoid such games and include the ones that allow the bride to participate and have fun herself, after all it is her bridal shower! In addition to this, also avoid games that can turn out to be offensive for any of the guests, since it can ruin the mood of the entire party. Plan games that are not too complicated since complicated games can take quite a while to explain to the guests and then actually start playing. There are several bridal shower games that require the guests to get certain things from home. There are chances that due to some or the other reason, one or many of the guests wont be able to get these things, and your entire plan goes for a toss. Hence it is better to avoid games that require your guests to get things from home.

What’s in your Purse?

This is a great bridal shower game, which the guests will enjoy for sure. It is quite simple and doesn’t require any additional items to play the game. As a hostess, all you have to do is make a list of all the items that can be found in a girl’s purse. Rate every item with some points, with the most common items having the least number of points and the most unusual items having the maximum number of points. Once the guests arrive you can read out every items and ask everyone to calculate the points according to the contents in their purse. For items that are not listed in the list, ask the bride to be the judge and award points according her choice. At the end of it the person with the highest number of points wins.

Bride-Groom Compatibility Game

This is a fun game, which will be interesting for the bride as well as the guests. For this, you need talk to the groom and ask him about his hobbies, his favorite movie, his favorite food, favorite color and so on. Write these things down and make a questionnaire out of it. At the bridal shower give the bride a box full of her favorite chocolates. The number of chocolates should be equivalent to he number of questions in the quiz. Start quizzing her using the questions to see how well she knows the groom. You can pass around the questionnaire amongst the guests, who can take turns to ask questions to the bride. For every wrong answer, the bride has to give away one chocolate to the guest who is asking the question. A variation of this game could be that you make questionnaire about the bride and quiz the guests to find out how well they know the bride.

Arranging bridal shower games at your shower will ensure that none of your guests will get bored at the party. Bridal shower game ideas can be easily formulated by using some of the popular games like Chinese whispers, bingo, or poker, all you need to do is incorporate your own changes and make your own bridal shower games. In case you can’t think of bridal shower games yourself, then you can always get inspiration from various sources. There exist several bridal shower game kits that provide you with all the material that you need for the games as well as the instructions and suggestions. The Internet is a great source to find some interesting bridal shower game ideas as well.

By Uttara Manohar
Published: 4/19/2008 

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These are just some of the ideas for the bridal shower games, and if you have any others that you think would work, then follow the etiquette pointers that are given in the above article and give them a try. Remember to make it a priority that the games are not offensive to any of the guests as this tends to turn a happy occasion sour in the blink of an eye.

Date Posted: 2009-04-07
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