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Moving in Together before the Wedding - Good or Bad?


There seems to be ceaseless cynicism in the popular opinion about the likelihood of lasting marriages, and this is a disappointing trend. Perhaps it is the constant infidelity that is present in mass media productions, especially soap operas, perhaps it is the nature of today's business world and the stress that it can place on couples.

Whatever the case may be, if you are planning a wedding, it is (hopefully) reasonable to assume that you want to honour your vows, and there are ways to give your marriage a better chance of lasting 'till death do you part from your spouse. Perhaps the most contemporary and underrated cause of the problems in marriage is the now common practise of couples living together pre-marriage as a sort of dry run. The merits of this choice are under question as is discussed in the article below... 

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Getting Married and Setting Up a Home
By: Graham Baylis

You have found Mr/Miss Right and you are planning on taking your relationship to the next stage. Do you move in together or get married first? If you are going to move in together, the most important factor is that both parties must agree that they actually want to do that, after all it is a big step to take.

It can be very stressful and can take a bit of time to adjust to the new routine of being with someone all the time, after all, living with someone and all their habits is a lot different from going on a date.

When going down the marriage route, remember that on average, a wedding takes about a year to plan (and most engaged couples do live together before marriage). However, and perhaps strangely, there is research which shows that couples who cohabit have a much higher incidence of divorce than those who wait until matrimony to share a home.

The number of unmarried couples living together has increased over the years and will probably continue to increase year by year. For most, the reasoning is that living together gives them an idea of how compatible they will be and an idea of what married life will be like. This however, is not realistic because marriage seems to change everything for many couples.

For those who lived together before marriage, the marriage is often weaker than for those who did not. Often the reason is down to commitment and the question has to be asked 'Why would you prefer to move in together rather than get married?' The chances are that one or other was not ready to make that commitment and wanted to see what married life might be like without actually being married.

Whichever route you take, those setting up home for the first time, they will need to equip their new house. A set of quality cutlery is a good place to start. There are many styles to choose from, most of which have their origins steeped in history. Cutlery made from Sheffield steel is the epitome of quality and this cutlery will last. A good set of kitchen knives is also essential and again Sheffield steel is renowned for its longevity and strength.

Moving into a new home is an exciting event and definitely a time to open the champagne and celebrate. Hosting a housewarming party is a good way of welcoming old friends and new into your new home. You don't need to wait until all the unpacking is done either, people do understand that it takes some time to get settled and if they are real friends, they are more interested in seeing you, than in inspecting your home!

Keep the party fairly informal and simple, that way you can all enjoy the get-together. Drinks and nibbles are popular, but make sure you have plenty of soft drinks for those who don't want alcohol. A lot of your guests may wish to bring a gift. Some will be kind enough to ask if there is anything you would particularly like for your new home. This could be your opportunity to ask for some of the smaller necessary items or fun things like a silver plated cocktail shaker or a silver dice salt and pepper shaker set. As ever there a whole host of websites that will make coming up with a list of 'goodies' an easy one, so once you have your partner and your home, have some fun in making that home 'yours' with some little extras.


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Every relationship is different, so what works for one couple will not necessarily work for another, but as is mentioned above, statistics do show that couples that live together before marriage are more likely to end up in divorce. That said, an interesting statistic would be: how many people saved themselves the pain of divorce by realizing that they weren't compatible when they tried living together? Surely a significant number, so each approach has its merits, and thus it is worthwhile to put in some serious consideration before making the decision to live together.

Date Posted: 2009-03-24
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