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Manage the Stress of Planning your Marriage

The announcement of the day of your marriage is like the firing of a starting pistol for a race that will only end long after you finally say your vows to your partner. The planning involved in putting a wedding together is significant, and between differing ideas, choices and preferences it only becomes more difficult and can put undue strain on a couple before the big day has even come. It's important to make a list of what has and has not been done, and especially important to admit that you can't do it all alone!

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How To Survive Stressful Wedding Preparations And The Pre-wedding Blues

By: Bradlley Mckoy

Behind the Fairy Tale Scene

The bride floats down the aisle in gossamer and silk. She is as radiant and as pretty as the freshest bloom. The groom looks crisp and nutty in his tuxedo. Nobody can suspect they went through hell and back with the wedding preparations. Here's just a partial list of the things they had to go over:

* Ceremony sites

* Bridal fashions

* Tuxedo

* Jewelers

* Choice of bridesmaid and groomsmen, flower girls, and ring bearer

* Accommodations for guests

* Catering

* Wedding cake

* Decorations

* Photography

* Videography

* Invitations

* Honeymoon

* Rental Services

* Registry

* Music

* Reception Facilities

* Bridesmaids and Groomsmen Gifts

The list is much longer, and on top of this, engaged couples want their wedding to be different, something they can always lovingly remember through the years. In brief, it must be really special and unique to reflect their taste and personalities.

During the period of frenetic preparations, couples sometimes bicker over some choices. When emotions run high, they need a break and some professional counseling to survive the countdown to the big day. With the help of their families and friends, they can carry on with the ordeal of wedding preparations. If they can afford the services of a wedding planner, they can sit back and relax while the wedding specialist does the dirty job.

Avoiding The Pre-wedding Blues

Weddings can take a year or a month to prepare, depending on your budget and personal preferences. But whatever the length of time involved, engaged couples will be tested for their patience. During this time, expect emotions to flare up or the pre-wedding blues to rob a little excitement off over the prospect of tying the love knot.

The moment an engaged couple announces their wedding plans, the plot thickens and gathers momentum until the wedding day. Couples should take the precautions of planting their feet on the ground and get realistic about their goals. They should discuss things like budget and expectations honestly. The confusion and the squabbling start when couples fail to consult each other.

Before you set out to call a wedding planner or your family brigade, have a clear plan approved by both of you. When everything has been down to pat, outline everything to family members and friends called to pitch in. Match the tasks to the volunteer so everybody can do their jobs perfectly.

Delegating some responsibilities to selected friends and family members can take off a load off your shoulders and you can attend to details that need your personal supervision. Unloading some of the wedding preparations relieves you of the stress and gives you and your partner more time to be with each other and to enjoy each other's company.

In the heady days of wedding preparations, you'll have to attend social functions together. You don't have to go to every party. Take some time off from the party scene and prepare yourselves physically, emotionally and financially for the most important event in your lives - your wedding day.

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So whether you hire the services of a certified professional, or a self-claimed professional who is really one of your family members, make sure that someone besides yourself and your partner is handling things for you when you feel overwhelmed. It also takes strain off of the two of you because there is a third party that you can both vent your anger on when things go wrong instead of berating the person you are soon to be married to!

Date Posted: 2009-03-19
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