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Make your Wedding Theme as Visible as Possible


When considering all the different elements that will contribute to creating the perfect wedding for you and your partner, the choice of the season in which you would like to wed is inevitably a priority. Some would love to tie the knot smack in the middle of the summer heat, others would like a cosy reception in the midst of winter, some a blossoming spring wedding and yet others an ambient and colourful marriage in the autumn. Whichever season you choose it should be complimented by the theme that you choose for the big day. Here, Jen Carter gives an example of how to carry your theme throughout each facet of the wedding, from the bouquet to the bridesmaids.  

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Unique Daffodil Themed Wedding
By: Jen Carter

Are you getting married in the spring time? Have you considered having a daffodil wedding theme for spring? A daffodil wedding theme for spring can bring a wonderful atmosphere to your big day. They are bright and vibrant in color and are simply a delight to look at. Daffodils go with spring weddings like fish do to water. Spring is the time of year when you see new plants and flowers emerging. Your wedding is a symbol of new relationship that is just beginning and what better symbol of spring and new beginnings to have on display, than daffodils.

Daffodils themselves are usually yellow; they have a trumpet shaped corona in the center which is then surrounded by inner petals. These inner petals are usually white or a much lighter shade of yellow. When planning your Daffodil themed wedding in spring, you will want your attire to match. For your wedding attire you should definitely keep it simple. Try to go with a plain white wedding dress, nothing to fancy. Your bouquet, of course should be daffodils or at least be predominantly made up of them. You could put some smaller white flowers in if you want a bit of variety.

Your brides maids should wear a contrasting color to your while dress. To keep with the daffodil wedding these in spring, they should wear a light color, perhaps yellow or peach. You could suggest that they each carry a single daffodil in their attire to complement your bouquet.

The groom and the groomsmen can also participate in the daffodil wedding theme in spring. They should wear a daffodil in their boutonnieres. If you really want to drive the daffodil theme home you may want to give them with pocket handkerchiefs with embroidered daffodils on them. This will keep everyone consistent and enhance the theme further.

The daffodil wedding theme in spring can continue beyond the wardrobe of the bride, bride's maids and groom. Your wedding invitations should also follow this theme. You may want daffodils on them or if you want to keep it simple a light colored yellow invitation would look nice.

The daffodil wedding theme in spring can be a joy for your wedding decorations. You could use white and yellow balloons to help decorate your hall or wherever the celebrations are to be held. You may also want to consider putting potted plants of daffodils on the reception tables. This really brings out the theme of springtime as well as saves you money.

A daffodil wedding theme in spring is a wonderful idea. It is a beautiful symbol of spring and new beginnings making it the perfect theme for you and your loved one to start your new lives together. This theme looks lovely and also makes decorating easy and affordable. Consider a daffodil wedding theme in spring - it will be a day for all to remember.


Date Posted: 2009-03-09
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