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Picking the Perfect Jewellery for the Bride


'Bling'. The word has transcended its roots in hip-hop culture, and is now used colloquially in just about any circle you could care to speak in. If you don't know of it, it doesn't tkae long to figure out either, 'bling' is, of course, the phonetic pronunciation of the manner in which the sun shines off of expensive jewellery. Whether or not you actually own jewellery that makes this 'sound', your wedding day is the one day that you had better organize some. Necklaces, bangles, bracelets, tiaras and earrings are the most obvious, though there is space for 'bling' in hair clips, anklets, and pretty much anywhere else that guests may or may not notice. What is important is that the bride sincerely feels that it is her special day, and as such it is important to pick the 'bling' appropriately, Adam Singleton gives some direction. 

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The Wedding Jewellery Guide for Beautiful Brides
By: Adam Singleton

It’s a fact that any bride should never underestimate the importance of wedding jewellery. The right choice of jewellery will complete bridal attire, while the wrong choice of wedding jewellery will compete against bridal attire. So what are the rules in choosing your wedding jewels? Well, there aren’t really any, but here are just a few simple hints to ensure you really do sparkle on such a precious day.

Dress Rehearsal

It’s simply ‘a must’ to purchase your dress before you begin looking for wedding jewellery as the style, colour and neckline can dictate which jewellery you can go for. The style of the dress will need to be enhanced by your jewels to ensure balance. In general, simple straight modern dresses are complimented by contemporary understated styles; fairytale gowns can carry off jewel-dropping pieces and vintage-inspired dresses are complimented by antique style wedding jewellery.

Neckline Necessities

Once you have decided on the style to compliment your dress, you will need to consider the neckline when choosing a necklace. Strapless and spaghetti strap necklines are the most versatile and practically any type of necklace will work. An ideal style of wedding jewellery, with such an exposed décolleté, is a jewelled bib-style necklace which will provide balance and prevent the bride from feeling too bare. With V-necklines, following the line of the V shape by wearing a chic and simple pendant ensures elegance without competing with the dress. An asymmetric neckline is possibly the only neckline where a necklace should be avoided as the lines tend to clash and appear overly ‘fussy’. Instead it is wise to opt for a dazzling pair of earrings and matching bracelet.

Colour Crazy

With more and more brides injecting subtle colour into their bridal attire with wedding jewellery, deciding on clear or coloured jewels is yet another choice for brides to consider. Classic clear crystal wedding jewellery is timeless and will look chic and stylish in wedding photographs for years to come. For brides opting for white flowers, clear jewels are the perfect compliment and for evening ceremonies, nothing takes the place of sparkling jewels emulating the look of diamonds, for stylish glamour.

Of course, a splash of colour provides a refreshing change and can be cleverly worked into a wedding for chic co-ordination. Wearing wedding jewellery in the same colour as your bridesmaids’ dresses or flowers will beautifully enhance a colour theme. Alternatively choosing jewels in a seasonal shade will create an instant colour theme – wedding jewellery adorned ruby red crystals is perfect for adding warmth to a Christmas wedding; bronze jewels will enhanced autumn weddings; pastels are perfect for Spring and hot summer ceremonies can carry of tropical inspired wedding jewellery to perfection.

With some careful thought of your wedding dress style, colour theme and wedding theme, choosing the right wedding jewellery isn’t such a daunting task. A great tip is to continually picture the overall look you hope to achieve as it is easy to lose sight of your ‘dream look’ when presented with many different styles and designs of wedding jewellery. It’s also helpful to take any magazine cuttings of jewellery you like with you. Remember to check out magazine coverage of celebrity weddings too, and you’ll be sure to look just like a star bride yourself.



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Date Posted: 2009-03-06
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