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Decorating Tips for Your Home Office


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Working from home is becoming a much more common form of working as there are many start up companies and internet based companies that might not need an office space. Therefore even as a part-time or freelance worker, having an organised and practical working space is essential for you to get into the right mindset. Decorating such a room may seem disruptive and time consuming but as shown in the article below, is worth the effort.

the article by Max Johnson is a listed and easy to use guide for those looking to redecorate or decorate their home office space. below he lists the best tips and why it will work. Use the navigation link to view articles on decor and furniture on CBN's website as well as business related articles.

Five Office Decorating Tips For Home Or At Work
Author: Max Johnson

As petrol prices continue to be at the highest levels that we have ever seen, more and more people are working at home. How you go about your office decorating can make a big difference in how productive you are going to be. Think about it. If you do not like how your office is decorated you will not like being there and you will not be in an optimal work mode.

As you think about office decorating for your home office or your office at work, you want to make it as comfortable as possible for yourself. Below are five office decorating ideas to get you started to make your work space enjoyable and make you as productive as possible whether you are working at home or at the office:

1. Whether you are ready to start the office decorating at home or at work, use color. I am not saying that you need to go crazy with wild colors but the last thing you want is to be surrounded by boring white walls. Many studies have been done that prove that the color of a room can change your attitude. Casinos and retail stores use this tactic every single day to get you into a mood hat will benefit them. Choose colors that make you happy. If they are a little wild for some other people, you can always re-paint later. It is good to use two colors that compliment each other and then you can base the other decor in the room around those colors.

2. Place plants in various places around the room. There are many plants available that do not need much attention and will live through many things. If you are anything like me, this is very important as not everyone has a green thumb. With office decorating, you can pick a plant theme by plant or by color. There is nothing wrong with going with a theme of something you like.

3. Depending on haw much freedom that you have at work or if you are decorating your home office, you can still have an office with a view, literally any view. With a wall mural painted on a wall you can look at your favorite skyline, your favorite beach or even your favorite stadium. Then you can have your favorite view right from your office chair.

4. If decorating your home office, create your own art gallery by adding an art collection to your walls. This may allow you to collect different art that your spouse may not care to place in main living areas of the house. If you are a golfer you could include golf prints by artists such as Linda Hartough. You could either collect her work at Augusta National or collect all of her work done on the US Open golf courses. Maybe you are a race fan and want to collect some work of Sam Bass. You can always carry the theme of your house into your home office.

5. Many people are creating an office theme to resemble a favorite resort or spa that that they have visited. Do you have a favorite resort or spa? Decorate your office like the resort you went to in Miami or Los Angeles. You can use any place that gives you great memories. This can make you more relaxed and more productive and relieve a lot of stress.

All of us spend more time working than we do anything else, with this being said, nobody wants to have to work in an area for hours that makes them unhappy. Use these office decorating tips to create a space that you will enjoy. If these ideas are not what you have in mind, there are many other decorating ideas that are available to you. On second thought, you can simply use your imagination. Only you know what will make you happy!

Date Posted: 2009-08-24
Posted By: Decor and Furniture
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