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Decorating Ideas for Your Home Office


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Decorating your home office requires know-how, especially if you plan on doing it yourself. The space you will be working in should be at the forefront when deciding on furniture and decorating items. As choosing the right pieces can dictate the feel of the room.

In the article below Tameka Norris discusses a few decorating tips for your home office and what items will work in which office spaces. Use the navigation link to view articles on decor and furniture on CBN's website as well as business related articles.    

Home Office Decorating Ideas
Author: Tameka Norris

Have you recently started running a business from home? If so, you'll now be at the stage where you're looking for ideas on decorating your home office. To keep on working from home you need to feel motivated, so it's important that your home office is somewhere that you are both comfortable and energized, a place which helps you to develop your ideas.

Most home offices are small, as you've probably only been able to afford to set aside a small amount of space for your business. For this reason, you'll be loathe to crowd your home office with furniture. Essential furniture for small home offices of course includes a desk, a good quality office chair, and a bookcase. Many home offices will also contain a filing cabinet, though the amount of paperwork your office generates will depend on the nature of your home business. When arranging furniture in your office you'll want to make sure it's easy to clean and that your office work won't be disrupted due to things getting lost. This is particularly important in a small home office where you need to be careful to avoid clutter. Decorating small home offices should therefore be approached in a simple and practical manner.

Practical decorating doesn't have to be dull. Once you've finished arranging your office furniture, why not brighten your office up with some pictures? Office wall space can also be used for useful reference charts, maps and diagrams. If you receive visitors in your home office it can be useful to have sales figures on the walls to point at. Decorating your home office with artwork based on your business logo can help to make you feel positive about your office work and can make a good impression on visitors.

When decorating a small office, it's important to think carefully about color and light. This is, after all, part of your home, and you want working in your home office to be a pleasant experience. A small office is never going to feel spacious, but pale colors, especially in furniture, can stop it from feeling claustrophobic, and the right style of furniture can make it feel attractively cozy. Pale wooden furniture is ideal for the small home office as it reflects plenty of light, but of course your choice of furniture will be limited by your budget and by what you can fit into your office space. Don't be tempted to buy the first office furniture you find, but shop around until you find office furniture which is right for you. If your business goes well, you could be working from your home office for a long time, so you'll need to be able to feel at home there.

Most importantly, your home office has to be the right place for you. Even on a small budget you can develop decorating ideas which bring out your own personality. Bookshelves are important in your home office for reference manuals, dictionaries and so forth, but there's no reason why they can't contain a few of you favorite books to help give you ideas when you're finding it hard to concentrate on office work, and there's no reason why you shouldn't decorate your office furniture with a few ornaments and framed photographs. If there's room in your home office for a small table or similar piece of furniture, standing a vase of fresh flowers on it will fill your home office with a pleasing scent which can help you to relax and focus on your office work.

Decorating your home office should be an exciting and positive step. It's part of laying the foundations for your home business, and it's a chance to put your creative ideas into practice.

Date Posted: 2009-08-19
Posted By: Decor and Furniture
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