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Bedroom Decor Furniture - For Your Personal Space


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Choosing the right bedroom decor furniture can be a good start towards the creation of your own perfect personal space. Your bedroom is your own personal private space and this is the room you want to come into after a long day or come out when starting your day. It has to be personal and unique - it is your private space you want to get inspiration from this applies to all the family members. Your kids too need their bedroom decorated and kids bedroom decor can take a turn to the fun, funny, and whimsical.

Read the article below, the author is outlining the basics of bedroom furniture decor you might find it helpful. You can also the link to get other articles on decor and furniture from as well as business articles

The Basics Of Bedroom Furniture Decor
By: Mike O'Brien

Of all the rooms in the typical house, the bedroom is unique. Far from just a place to sleep, the bedroom can be a refuge from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The bedroom can be a cozy nook, a sanctuary, and a place to prepare for the day. Choosing the right bedroom furniture can go a long way towards the creation the perfect personal space.

Whether it is the bedroom, the boudoir, or just that place where you sleep, this room is generally thought of as a private space. The room may contain nothing more than a bed and a closet or it may be among the most ornate rooms in the home. Many modern suburban homes feature master bedroom suites, with a separate bathroom and large walk in closets. Other popular design features can include sitting rooms, sun nooks, and dressing areas.

The Basic Bedroom

For the most of us, the bedroom is where we sleep and generally store our clothing. The bedroom basics usually include a bed, night stands, dressers, chests, and perhaps one or two pieces of accent furniture.

The bed may be as simple as a mattress, foundation and some type of frame. There is an almost endless variety of mattress styles and sizes. Standard mattress sizes typically range from twin, to full, to queen and king. Older mattresses may have been manufactured before the time of size standardization. These mattresses are typically referred to as antique and three quarter size.

Bed frames come in all styles and sizes, from the basic metal rail frame to baroque head boards that look like they where owned by the Borgias. Ornate canopy beds, four posters, raised platform, and a myriad of other styles are available. Again, for most of us the bed frame, headboard, and footboard are standard equipment for our bed.

Other than a closet, the drawer is where most of us store our clothing. Drawers are the basic components for dressers, chests, and armoires. Big drawers, little drawers, and every drawer in between hold our hosiery, blouses, shirts, and even our unmentionables. A chest of drawers can have as few as two drawers and as many as six or seven, stacked one atop another. In contrast, the dresser usually has a lower profile and most often has two or more rows of drawers.

The humble nightstand is found beside the bed and is used as a depository for all sorts of things. The ubiquitous nightstand can be home for a bedside lamp, alarm clock, books, eyeglasses, and just about anything else you can think of.

Bedrooms that lack enough closet space may have wardrobe or an armoire. A wardroom simple provides a place to hang clothing just as a closet would. Throw in a chair or two and you have what many people would consider to be the essential bedroom.

Decorating With Bedroom Furniture

Just as with any other room in the home, the bedroom is wide open to decorating schemes and themes. This would include the furniture, floor coverings, window treatments, wall color, and accents. From neocolonial, French traditional or shabby chic, the possibilities are almost endless. The choices of decor go beyond just the colors and the styles. Area rugs, accent pieces such as wall hangings and occasional furniture can be used to brighten up a dark corner or draw attention to a particular area of the room.

Bedroom decorating for children can take a turn to the fun, funny, and whimsical. There is an abundance of bedroom furniture for especially for children. Furniture sizes are scaled down for kids and many pieces offer festive and cheerful colors. A canopy bed for the little princess of the family or an airplane bed for the future pilot can create just the right fairy tale atmosphere for any child.

Date Posted: 2009-07-21
Posted By: Decor and Furniture
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