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Wooden Furniture - Beauty and Elegance


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Wooden furniture has been on the market for some time now, It has improved through the year. Nothing matches the beauty and elegance of solid wood furniture. Wooden furniture comes in a great selection of solid wood furniture pieces to complement every room in your house. From beds, dressers and armoires to dining room tables and chairs. With wooden furniture you also get that classical feel and style.

In the article below author Tim I. Gurung gives out a few things about wooden furniture. You can also use the link to get other articles on furniture and decor.

A Few Things About Wooden Furniture
By Tim I Gurung

One of the most used materials in furniture construction is wood. This may be due to easy handling and the fact that wood is abundant. Wood is also available in different colors and textures; these features allow a piece of furniture to be made entirely out of wood. To add on top of that, wood can also be used in succession with other materials such as metal, stone, aluminum, brass etc. Whichever combination is used, there is little deviation from the process of making normal wooden items.
The most important factor in the process of making wooden furniture is the humidity; the humidity of the raw material is required to be below 10 degrees Celsius. Otherwise, it will get fungus and will ruin the furniture completely. The staining process of the furniture is another factor to look out for. If it is not done properly it will come off easily and destroy the whole item. It will also not be as strong as it should be with good staining. There are two methods in the production of wooden furniture. The first method is using machinery, which is available in fully or semi automated. The second method is wood carving and handicrafts; small, handheld tools are normally used for the job. Though there is a big market for handmade items; due to intense labor requirements, the final production costs are a bit too expensive to adopt in large scale production.
The most commonly used types of wood are beech, birch, oak, rubber wood, Chinese hardwood, acacia, maple, pine, redwood, rosewood, walnut and teak. Each type of wood has its own property and uses. Pine, beech, birch and rubber wood are used for indoor and oak, hardwood and teak are good for outdoor use. An example would be teak wood, while it can be used in the outdoors or indoors it is expensive.
The coating process for wooden furniture differs depending on whether the furniture is for indoor or outdoor use. While normal varnishing and staining procedures are good enough for indoor furniture; outdoor furniture require additional coating made for outdoor purposes to be applied on the furniture. Otherwise, it will be useless on such extreme weather condition outside.
The popularity of wood as furniture material will definitely last, as it is not only vast in variety and availability but also light in weight; which makes it easier to handle than most other materials. Wood is also quite durable for its value in money. That fact alone guarantees its popularity for time to come.

Date Posted: 2009-06-26
Posted By: Decor and Furniture
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