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French Design For Your Bedroom


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Having luxurious and expensive looking French furniture for your bedroom is an extravagance that many would love. The colours and elegance of the materials and textures are a rich and makes you feel like a Parisian aristocrat living the high life.

The bed of course is the main attraction, never mind the other designs and decorations that your new French style bedroom will undergo. Getting the right advice and information on a space in your home, especially one as personal as your bedroom is a useful resource.

Below Thomas Pretty discusses the in and outs of what you need to about French furniture and the different aspects of the style. Use the link to view relating articles on CBN's decor and furniture as well as other topical articles.    

Why French Design Is Perfect For Your Bedroom
Author:Thomas Pretty

In the world of interior design there is constant change of evolution and style, the latest craze in bedroom design is the French decoration style. There is little more romantic that a room with a luxurious French bed and accompanying stylish fittings. Not only will a French bed bring an air of romance to your bedroom but is a brilliant way to revitalise a tired looking room into one of sophistication and elegance.

Most French decor has a concurrent colour throughout, from the bed to the walls. These colours are usually light blue, shades of green and even gold although peaches, pinks and lilacs are becoming increasingly popular.

As long as the shade of colour matches the whitewashed furniture and adds to the distressed look the choice is yours, there is no need to stand on ceremony. Another great French design feature is to contrast the walls and soft furnishings with the bed, wardrobe and chest of drawers. Paint is not a prerequisite, French interior design regularly uses soft wallpaper patterns to compliment other fixtures in the room.

The bed is of course the most important aspect of any bedroom; for that distinctive French feel it is worth getting a rococo style bed with a plush, thick mattress and comfortable oversized pillows. The bed frame can be made of antique wood and should have a distressed look to it; ornate carvings are typical in paisley patterns and floral designs. The French love luxuries so do not scrimp on the sheets, plenty of linen in brilliant white or lace gives a simplistic clean look to your bed.

Added to the bed, other pieces of furniture should be oversized when trying to achieve the French look. A huge wardrobe combined with a chest of drawers should be in place while a dresser adds luxury if you have the space. If you have a large bedroom it is even worth adding a comfortable armchair or settee as well as other antiques made from wrought iron.

French bedroom design emphasises the window as a focal point of the room away from the bed. The use of long, flowing drapes tied back to frame the vista creates a stunning effect. Keeping the window clear is also vital in letting large amounts of light into the room, making it as light and airy as possible. Curtains should extend all the way down from the ceiling to the floor, adding a sense of height to the room and that luxurious French feel.

A hand painted screen near the bed can also create this sense of height and makes an outstanding design feature. It can also be placed in the corner to soften the edges of the bedroom and add a feeling of comfort. It can also add a romantic centrepiece allowing lovers to undress behind it in a seductive way, after all romance is a vital part of any French bedroom. Other accessories should include porcelain or pieces of artwork that are typically French and will help add to the look more generally.

In terms of lighting Tiffany lamps placed close to the bed are a brilliant way to recreate Art Nouveau style within your room. This classic elegance is easy to achieve and adds soft lighting to emphasise the romantic nature of your new French bedroom. A chandelier is also an advisable lighting solution if your room is large enough and can carry such a large light fitting. Candle holders are also ideal for adding romance and decoration for cosy nights in.

When considering your new French bedroom, remember to always follow your own taste. Thankfully it does not have to be an expensive look to achieve, even when considering the initial outlay of the bed. For a bedroom that is certain to bring romance and relaxation, the French style is the perfect solution.

Date Posted: 2009-06-25
Posted By: Decor and Furniture
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