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Outdoor Furniture - Modern Decor Style


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Outdoor furniture adds beauty and style to your home decor theme. Having furniture outdoors is one of the modern decor styles used around the world. It also brings you close to nature and it helps when you need some rest and fresh air. It can be in the garden, by the swimming pool and even on your balcony. however it always depend on your home's decor style.

In the article below the author points out a few things about outdoor furniture, read and learn more or use the navigation link above to get more on furniture and decor themes for your home

A Few Things About Outdoor Furniture
Author: Tim I Gurung

It is one of the most popular sectors of the furniture industry. We have it in our garden, terrace, swimming pool, patio, park, club, café bar, restaurant, golf club, almost everywhere. If possible, we also like to have it outside of our home and even in the office. May be this is because of our never ending love to be always close to the nature as it has been from the primitive ages.
The most important factor of any successful outdoor furniture is the use of the material that can withstand the extreme weather condition and last longer. Materials like natural wood, pp/abs, aluminum, stainless steel and natural rattan are strong and good for such condition. It is also absolutely necessary for furniture made with such materials must be fully treated & coated with anti-rusting treatment. If not, it will simply give way to the harsh weather condition and will start deteriorating in a very short time. And before you could realize it, it will be already useless.
Steel furniture is also commonly used for outdoor purpose. However, they have to be made with very good care before it can be good for outdoor use. First of all, the grade of steel must be good quality one. It has to be cleaned thoroughly in acid water to clear out all the rusting ingredients. And it must be galvanized before applying the final powder coating. The coating has to be good grade for outdoor use. Otherwise, it will be simply not good enough.
High grade synthetic rattan is the newest and popular material these days for the production of the outdoor furniture. The frame of the product is mostly made with aluminum tubes and the body is weaved by such synthetic rattan. It is available in variety of straps, colors, and unbelievably easy to weave. It is also so versatile that it can be weaved into any shapes, sizes and designs of the furniture. That might be the reason why it is so popular and taking the market with storms. People hardly asked for the real rattan furniture these days.
It can be also made with UV resistant material, which is good for extreme weather condition where the sunny days are long and powerful. That is also the reason why they are mostly used in swimming pools, patios and beaches and very popular.
Now you know something about the outdoor furniture and hopefully it will be handy for your next buying trip, thank you!

Date Posted: 2009-06-24
Posted By: Decor and Furniture
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