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Baby Furniture Cribs - Styles and Designs


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Having a baby is a wounderful experience, choosing baby furniture is all part of the experience. The crib that your baby is laid down in needs to be chosen and decided upon before he/she gets there. Baby furniture is a great way of welcoming your baby home and has more variety than I'm sure you are aware of.

The colour scheme, and theme of the room all has to have the crib as it's core because the crib is the centre piece. Below B. Fraley explains the different types of cribs and the workings behind them, also what style they are best suited for. Use the link to view relating articles on decor and furniture.  


Baby Furniture Cribs - Which Type is Right For Your Baby?
By B. Fraley

When you want to give your baby the best, you can start with the crib, but what type is good for you and how much should you spend?

You may also want to consider your design preferences for your baby's nursery, other people that might need to access the baby in its crib, like grandparents, the available space, and your budget.

What cribs are available to you?

The Standard Crib is the one that you see everywhere. It is rectangular, though the height will vary, and they tend to have a single or a double drop side. This refers to the fact that one or both sides can drop down and give you quick access to your baby.

A double drop side crib really only makes sense when the crib is not located against the wall and can be accessed from either side.

Then there is the Convertible Crib. Convertible cribs provide a great way to safe money throughout your baby's childhood. While the upfront cost is higher than a standard crib, you will easily make up for the additional cost in just a few years. A convertible crib can easily be converted from a crib to a toddler bed, a day bed, and even a full-size bed.

Typically, what happens is the head and the foot of the bed can be pulled apart and turned into the head and foot for a full bed. Consider looking for a universally simple design. Look for one that you can continually paint and decorate when you are looking at keeping your baby's room decorated.

Want to add some elegance to your baby's nursery? Then, you may want to choose a Canopy Crib. They typically have posts on all four corners of the crib to allow for a canopy frame on which the canopy will then sit.

You can either purchase fabricated canopies to go with your crib, or might even decide to design your own, using fabric you already used elsewhere within your nursery decoration. Canopy cribs may also be a viable choice if you keep your baby's crib in your bedroom, or the baby shares its room with a sibling, as they provide a way to achieve privacy for your baby.

Only lately have we seen a new crib design - the Round Crib. Their popularity is on the rise and they are especially comfortable for your baby, allowing it to sleep in any position. Just like a standard crib, the round crib typically has a drop side, providing easy access to your baby. Unlike traditional rectangular cribs, round cribs have no corners of concussion points to endanger your child's safety. They provide your baby with an exciting view of the world in all directions.

Date Posted: 2009-06-19
Posted By: Decor and Furniture
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