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Keeping your Dog off the Furniture


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The nature of life at home today has us spending more time in our living rooms than ever before, whether entertaining guests, hosting a dinner party or just relaxing, this room is bound to experience alot of traffic. And of course, for every time that the living room is used, its central piece of furniture, being the couch, is almost sure to be used on every occasion.

As such, buying a new couch is more than a financial decision, and once you have finally completed the difficult process of selecting and purchasing a couch, the last thing that you want to happen is for your precious pooch to put it on the fast track to destruction by jumping on at every opportunity! Read the article below for some tips on how to keep your dog off the couch...

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A Dog Trainer’s Secret for Keeping Your Pooch Off The Couch
By: Shelly Siegel

Furniture-loafing is a common problem, especially with puppies. Your dog loves to follow you around, and that includes sitting in your favorite sitting spots. You can’t blame him; your couch is pretty comfy.

Instead of getting angry at him, there are things you can do to break the habit and keep him happy.

Training is always the key. A well-trained dog is more likely to listen to his owner and less likely to take part in destructive or unwanted behaviors. Take time training your dog. Even simple training commands such as "sit," "stay," and "come," can work wonders on your dog’s behavior and confidence. As with all training, never get angry or scold your dog. Instead, reward him for his good behavior.

Assistance for training can be aided by electric dog training collars.

Your dog wants to be comfortable, so a comfortable alternative to your sofa is what you should provide.

Place padding (such as an egg crate mattress or old pillows) on the floor beside your sitting spot; your pooch will want to be close to you. You can even buy a dog bed if you prefer. Cover the bedding with blankets or towels. Keep a toy and a chew toy on or within reach of the bed. Now, you have somewhere to send your dog when you direct him or disallow him on your furniture.

Since dogs learn from repetition, then it is not wise to allow your puppy to sit on your couch, and suddenly expect him to stop when he matures into an adult. In other words, do not allow your pooch on the furniture in the first place. Even allowing him to sit in your lap is a green light in his eyes. If he starts to jump on the furniture, then start rewarding him for getting off on command. The first few times, you may have to physically remove him while saying a firm "off." After you remove him, place him in his special bed. Then, give him a treat. You will need to repeat this every time your pooch gets on your furniture. But, don’t worry; with a little time your pup will learn to stay away from the furniture.

As he learns this new behavior, then buy him a special toy. Kongs are great, and they can take the place of multiple treats. With Kongs, you simply place your dog’s favorite food inside the Kong. He will spend time and have fun trying to remove the food.

If your dog has already developed a furniture-lying habit, then it will be much more difficult to break him of the habit. Consider why you want him off in the first place. Did you get new furniture? Are you tired of dog hair on your furnishings? If it is not completely necessary to remove your dog from his favorite resting spot, then consider to recover the area. You can get a slip cover, and throw it over the entire sofa. If your sofa is new, then you probably want to show it off. If this is the case, then grab an old blanket and only cover the area where your pet sleeps. The blanket should be removed and cleaned often.

If it is completely necessary that your dog needs to get off the furniture, then start with the puppy training suggestions. Make a comfy place for your dog on the floor, and begin with reward training. The process can work, but it may take a longer period of time. If you are practicing this training, then your dog should never be left unaccompanied in the room with the furniture. You can bet that the second you leave he will return to his favorite resting spot.

Dogs are not much different than humans in the fact that they love a nice, comfy place to rest. The easiest way to keep your pooch off your furniture is to never let him on it in the first place. Start obedience training, especially shock collars, as a puppy to ensure a well-behaved dog. If your dog has already developed a sofa-loafing habit, then you can still break it; it will just be a bit more difficult. Before you try to teach any type of furniture behavior, you need to make sure that your pet has his own comfy place where he can develop the right habit.

By Shelly Siegel
Published: 6/6/2008 

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It isn't impossible to keep your dog off of the couch, but it takes consistency in your behaviour towards having the dog on the couch. It is a great temptation to let your dog jump up onto your lap or to sit next to you when you're sitting on the couch, but if you don't want to put a cover on your couch and you don't want your fabric being torn up, then you need to get your dog into good habits.

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