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Sofa, Couch or Love-seat? - Choosing your furniture Wisely


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Some call them sofas while others call them couches, they are also known as settees, chaise lounges and love-seats. Whichever name you might use, the fact is that the cushioned piece of furniture that suits two or more people has come to be taken as a necessity in every lounge. In truth, there are so many names for a sofa because each of the names indicates a difference in design, which is something that you should think about before looking for yours on the internet. Would you prefer a classically styled settee, an intimate two-seater love-seat, a long chaise lounge or a functional 'sectional', to name a few...

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The Pleasures of a Modern Sofa
By: Rafael Montilla

In terms of the modern furniture, sofa means something comfortable for long conversations. Modern Sofas, where more than one person can sit at a time are designed for reclining and relaxation. Though in modern times, sofa refers to any couch, but originally it was referred to luxuriously cushioned seats meant for guests. Modern sofas are now considered as a centerpiece item to many a households and its overall design and style creates a huge impact on the people.

When purchasing a set of the modern furniture, you should keep the comfort and the latest style in your mind. The best choice would be choosing something cushiony and supportive for your living room. There are so many things in the category of modern furniture which comes combined with a class and elegance.

Regular sofas, or couches, are always upholstered and can seat several people. Available in an array of materials, most sofas have room for at least three people to sit comfortably, though smaller sofas only have two cushioned spots. However, the sheer size of a sofa sets it apart from a loveseat.

A set of sofas or couches in general are always well-furnished and can accommodate several people; making at least three people seat comfortably in a sofa. Smaller piece like loveseat is a small seating couch for two people and is now a standard feature in modern living room sets. A modern settee too these days means to any kind of couch while earlier it stood for two-seater bench with wooden arms and backs. Now it is available in well-cushioned and comfortable designs though the upholstery may differ.

A chaise lounge as its name suggests stands for long couch in French. It is quite a long couch to stretch your legs on. It was known as a ‘fainting couch’ in the Victorian Age England. Typically a ritzy Rococoo-style design, a chaise lounge is now made available in large variety and style; from the old historical to the latest ultra-modern styles.

Sectionals are a mixing of different sizes of couches together and it allows you to add ultimate luxury while giving a personalized touch to your living room. These sectionals can be designed in many ways such as providing arm rests between each seat and drink holders. Many of the sectionals are now provided with a reclining chair to make you relaxed while sitting. With endless possibilities, this piece of furniture is the perfect for big families.

Sleeper-sofas perform the dual purpose of combining the casual comfort of living room and the relaxing feeling of a bedroom mattress. They also help to solve the lack of space problem. Just perfect for dropped in overnight guests, this set is being designed to look good and stylish to be an asset to the home.

Having a good modern sofa adding beauty and comfort to your home décor makes you feel proud and satisfied. Most of the modern furniture stands out and thus has no competition in the market. If you select the sofa carefully according to home and its room size, the modern couch sure is going to add a glamour and style to your entire home décor.

By Rafael Montilla
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Knowing what you want for your home is crucial to know before purchasing any piece of furniture, but this applies all the more to those items which you will use most frequently, namely your sofa and your bed. Measure the space that you have to work with, consider how many people share your home and how big you would like your sofa to be, see what you can fit into your budget and then make sure to choose carefully. If not, the most frequently used piece of furniture in your house might end up being uncomfortable and unsightly!

Date Posted: 2009-04-08
Posted By: Decor and Furniture
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