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How Mosaic can add Spice to your Home Decor


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There are times when you can look around your house, patio and garden with a great sense of fulfilment about the choices in furniture and decor that you have made, which have come together in a harmoniously decorated home, but at the same time it may feel as though something is just not quite right. Perhaps what you need is to depart from the over-arching style that you have chosen, and liven things up with a mosaic table that will stand out without creating an imbalance. Mosaics are durable and classy, and will certainly give your home a stylish edge...

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Mosaic Tables Add Style To Any Room
By: Adam Peters

Mosaic tiles are different from most other tiles. These brilliant and diverse tiles are usually used in showers and other floors to add an aura of style and color to areas that are otherwise dull and listless. For the home decorator who wants to customize all the rooms in the house, these tiles come in a variety of textures, colors, shapes, and layouts. In addition to their function as room tiles, as an art form, they are known as mosaic art.

Getting to Know Mosaic Tile

In most cases, mosaic tiles have ridges on the backside in order to make it easier for glue to bond securely. Whether the material is glass, stone, or ceramic, it is still a form of mosaic. This also includes vitreous-glass, which is a glassy material but rather than clear, it is opaque. This is likely to be the type of glass that you will find in mosaic tables, which are often made of stained glass combined with tumbled marble to give it the special hand-painted look that is so popular, especially with outdoor tables.

Mosaic Tables for a Touch of Style

Do something different for your patio and add some flair to it. Ordinary glass tables are fine, but if you want some color, go for mosaic tables. Whether it's stained glass or mosaic tile cut into pieces and placed intricately to form a pattern, the look is extraordinary.

Mosaic is not limited to the outdoors by any means. Wooden mosaic tables of various sizes and purposes are also available to provide more color to your home. Whether it's a game table or a casual table, you can be sure that a mosaic table will make a big difference in the way your room looks.

Creating Mosaic Tables

If you have some tables that you want to decorate yourself, be sure that when you cut the tiles, you use a mosaic tile cutter and not just an ordinary tile cutter. Although a regular tile or glasscutter is likely to work, the cut may not be as precise as it will if you use the specially designed cutter. Another thing to remember is that although some people tend to use broken pieces of ceramic plates as mosaic tile, because of their non-breakable qualities; however, this makes their edges razor sharp, so they are not suitable to use as mosaic tile or mosaic pieces.

For wooden tables, you have a little more flexibility in what you create since you are not dealing with a glass top table. You do still need to be careful with the tiles so that you cut and place them properly. When all is finished, expect to find a beautiful and stylish addition to your room.

About Adam Peters Adam Peters contributes editing long articles on patio furniture for . For additional information on decor mosaic tables patterns subjects have a look at his web.

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Date Posted: 2009-04-01
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