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If couches could have nightmares they would be about dogs and cats ripping their insides out. Whether in someone else's home or our own, everyone has seen the destructive capabilities of household pets on couches, tables, walls, bedposts and the countless other items that are within their reach. The problem is that our pets tend to be quite close to our hearts, and if forced to make a choice between losing the pet and losing the classy armchair, it may lead to some sleepless nights! But not to worry, it is possible to have quality furniture and keep your pet, just follow some of these guidelines...

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Pet Safe Decor
By Jessica Ackerman

Most pet owners have stared longingly at the pages of home decorating magazines with the realization that such décor would NEVER work in their home. Between tail lashings and chew sessions, those delicate floral arrangements and gorgeous throw pillows would soon be history. But just because you share your home with a pooch or two is no reason to forego style. There are plenty of ways to bring beauty to your home in ways that your furry friend can’t destroy even on his worst day.

1. Wall Hangings
The most obvious way to keep your décor out of Rover’s reach is to move it up – to the walls. Instead of concentrating your efforts on lovely displays on your coffee and end tables, use your walls. Hang mirrors, and don’t think you have to stop at just one! Try purchasing several mirrors and then create an interesting grouping with them all on one wall. The grouping can be symmetrical or not. Use your creativity to design a grouping that is interesting and unique. Another option is ornate metal wall hangings. Even alone, such hangings can become the focal point of any room. Group them together, or with mirrors, for a more dramatic look.

2. Keep it Simple
When you have small children it’s understood that you may have to keep the décor simple. The same is often true when you have pets. But simple doesn’t have to be boring. If your dog tends to chew, you may opt for glass or metal pieces for displays on your coffee and end tables. Instead of flower arrangements, fill glass jars with marbles, rocks or other indestructible materials. Also, if your dog sheds, you may want to keep the floor as uncluttered as you can. This will make sweeping and vacuuming in the corners much easier.

3. The Irreplaceables
While non-pet owners have the luxury of displaying grandma’s Bible and other family heirlooms anywhere they’d like, pet owners do not. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t keep such beloved items out where they can be enjoyed. Instead of arranging them on a coffee table, consider displaying them in a shadow box. A shadow box is fairly simple to make, or you can purchase one. Once the items are arranged to your liking, you can place the box on the mantle, on a high shelf or even hang it on the wall.

4. What About the Furniture?
Some pet owners have a strict "no pets on the furniture" policy. While great in theory, it’s almost impossible to enforce 100% of the time. Many pet owners live with furniture that has been chewed and scratched. Still, to them it is a small price to have the company of their furry friends. There are ways to help stop the destruction of your furniture. Purchase thick blankets that match your décor. Drape them over the furniture. When guests are coming, simply remove the blankets to reveal clean, hairless furniture. Since the blankets are easy to wash, you’ll save a lot of time and money as opposed to having to steam the clean the furniture every other month.

Having pets does NOT mean your house must lack style. You just need to be a bit more creative and selective about where to focus your decorating efforts. You, Fido and your desire for a beautiful home really can dwell together in harmony.

About the author: Jessica Ackerman is the head author at Wall Décor and Home Accents, an unique online wall decor store that specializes in metal wall sculptures , wall decorations and more supplies for your home decor.

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By Jessica Ackerman
Published: 12/20/2007 

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