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Keep it Simple: Decorate with Contemporary Furniture and Art


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There are a plethora of decisions to be made when picking out the furniture and décor that will adorn a new home, and when two or more are involved in the decisions, plenty of head-butting is bound to take place. This is especially so when choosing the more prominent pieces of furniture that will often be used by guests, say the coffee table for example. A step towards bringing this crisis of options to end is to furnish the space in a contemporary, minimalist style. This will narrow down the various options on each individual item, and the number of items as a whole, Ben Weissman explains...

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Your Bedroom Furniture Decor – Keep It Contemporary!

By: Ben Weissman

Home decorations are minimal when you opt for contemporary décor. This is part of the reason that some choose to travel this road. It saves the time of picking out expensive and ornate antiques or large pieces of furniture for every room of the house and verifying that everything matches. Contemporary design also brings out the minimalist – fewer furnishings smaller in size are standard among these designs. This is especially helpful for those who don’t have a lot of space. Perhaps you are decorating an apartment or an older home in which there are many rooms, but each one is very small. In such spaces, a large ornate four poster bed would cramp the bedroom or not even fit into the quarters.

If you like bright colors, then contemporary or modern décor probably appeals to you. Rather than choosing earthy colors or pastels that interior design experts used to label as “soothing”, you may want to be inspired or energized, painting your kitchen a bright sunny yellow and your weight room a bold blue. Perhaps a deep red with black accents brings you a sense of completion, much like the Feng Shui style, and this is the theme you’d like to choose for your office.

Other aspects of interior design include wall and window dressings. In true minimalist sense, most modern designs have very little wall art, perhaps a painting or two from the abstract or pop art genre or even a few black and white photographs. Window dressings that match the modernist furnishings will be limited to perhaps a valance, if any curtains are used, and perhaps some wide slat blinds.

Even the bedroom can be configured so that contemporary decor is comfortable for you and your spouse. If your significant other prefers more flash and extravagance, perhaps you can let him or her choose the bed dressings, allowing a small amount of compromise to dress up the area.

As a space and money saver, as well as a great showpiece for the clean architectural lines that bring a modern aspect to any home, contemporary furniture and decor are a great way to let your personality shine through.

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Ben Weissman writes articles about Affordable Wrought Iron Beds and Interior Design. You'll find more Decorating Ideas at

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Date Posted: 2009-03-10
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