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Office furniture that saves space


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Space saving office furniture is a necessary option for many companies. One of the first considerations in cutting costs is reducing office space by moving into smaller premises. Companies would rather opt to pay less for rental space than retrench staff members.

Downsizing may not necessarily mean less productive

In many instances, the smaller space has to be utilized in such a manner as to ensure maximum productivity in a comfortable and healthy work place. This is no easy feat as a claustrophobic condition will most certainly have a negative impact on management and staff alike. Investing in space saving office furniture can definitely help in creating an ideal environment for working. Installing the furniture with the help of professional consultant or contractor will in the long run prove to be much more profitable than paying high rental costs.

There are many ingenious ways to place office furniture such as office desks, as well as storage facilities and electronic equipment in a small space. Most office furniture retailers offer expert advice and assistance when it comes to maximizing new space with the space saving office furniture. Some even provide 3D layouts to help the client make the most cost effective decision. As the staff members are going to be put up in the small space, they may also have a say in the design. These layouts are very efficient and save the company plenty of time in tedious decision making.

The Professionals have mastered the art of space saving

Modular office furniture has been specifically designed for the purpose of saving space. As the versatility of this particular furniture allows you to change the setup as the need arises it has become the one of the most popular choices for those in need of saving space. Adding on more pieces to accommodate new staff poses no problem at all with modular office furniture. Style, quality and finishing plays an equally important role and the latest designs in modular furniture places great emphasis on this. It is quite a challenge to put up with a small space and tastefully designed furniture in a well-structured setup helps tremendously to create a pleasant working environment.

Desks and storage facilities are the two major items that take up the most floor space. Innovative ideas and designs are a-plenty in space saving furniture. A desk that can comfortably accommodate a few staff members saves valuable floor space. Attractive screens can be strategically placed to provide more private space among staff. Storage and filing facilities can become an office worker's worst nightmare if there is a space problem. The new floor to ceiling storage systems not only provides more storage space than the traditional cabinets but also takes up less that half of the floor space.

Mobile shelving systems has proven to be a big hit with clients. These shelves are placed on tracks that have been firmly bolted to the floor. They can be easily moved apart to provide a walk in isle between them. Mechanical, manual or electrical methods can be used to move the shelves apart. The brilliant design of the shelves offers ample storage facilities and saves considerably on floor space. Another advantage is that it makes accessibility easier to a wider range of office material. These attributes as well as the appealing appearance definitely have a positive impact on the workplace morale and can lead to a higher productivity rate amongst staff members. The chances of obtaining workplace injuries are also drastically reduced.

A very important in every successful business is the conference room. It is in here where key decisions and transactions are made that are vital to the business. Downsizing often means that the conference room has to go. With the new designer quality fold up tables this need not be the case. The new look tables are specifically designed to give a professional, sophisticated and up market appearance that will enhance the image of any business.

The beautiful finishing, styled legs and table top shapes are nothing like the old folding tables. They are sturdier and are made to hold more weight. It can be easily unfolded in a desired space and put out of the way when not in use. They come in various sizes and can even be adjusted to suit specific heights. To match these tables are equally beautiful stacking chairs. Improved designs have produced comfortable, sturdy high quality chairs. Padded seats and stylish appearance will definitely help in creating a relaxed and professional boardroom atmosphere.

Space-saving home office furniture

With increasingly more people working from home does not mean that the office has to be cramped and shabby. The variety of workstations, desks and filing cabinets are available and can be enhanced to suit the interior of the house.

Stephanie Larkin is a freelance writer who writes about furniture and decorating, often discussing one specific kind of furniture such as office furniture.

Date Posted: 2009-02-04
Posted By: Decor and Furniture
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