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Home Theatre - the basics


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Cinemas are great places to watch movies and to relax because you are watching the movie in wide screen format along with surround sound . In this environment it is quite easy to get 'lost' in the movie scene. The high quality of the picture and the sound almost certainly improve your movie going experience. However, if you can bring this technology into your home at reasonable cost  it will definitely be a feature that will be well used. Until recently this was an experience only enjoyed by the very wealthy but now due to the evolution of home theatre systems and peoples desire to go out less and enjoy their homes more, it is an experience that many more people can get pleasure from.

A simple home theatre is relatively easy to set up. To get going you will need a 72cm television set or bigger, plus a DVD player and three speakers. These five items form the basis of a home theatre system. These few items alone may already give you a successful home entertainment setup  that can be enjoyed as a virtual theatrical experience. Why say virtual, when you amost certainly want to have the same feeling as that experienced in a movie theatre. So you might find that there are pieces of equipment that you might like to add to your set to complete the home theatre experience - ejoying cinematic quality entertainment right in your own living room. You can still  enhance your experience even further by adding home entertainment furniture; however this will be dependent on the budget you set for your home theater. You will also need to consider the size of the room in which you intend to setup your home theatre.

Home theatre experts recommend that you will need to find the right size of television set for your set up. The right size does not mean the biggest you can find in the store. The correct size of television set will be dependent on where in the house you set up your home theatre. In the case of home entertainment systems bigger is not always better.

Another recommendation is that you source high quality speakers for your sound system and remember that as much of your home theatre experience setup is experimental that you will want to be able to return or exchange the sound sytem if it is not up to scratch in your environment. Many speakers will sound great in the store but when put into your room and the environment chosen for your home theatre, may not sound good.enough to satisfy your requirements. Obviously you will also be keen to choose a good quality DVD player but in this regard you should note that many home theatre experts believe that almost all DVD players deliver clear and crisp images and while some might promise additional features such as flicker free pictures that these features are basically the norm on all DVD players.

Determining the size of your room is critical when setting up your home theatre system as this will form the basis of deciding how big the television screen needs to be and also the number of speakers you will require to deliver a great cinematic experience. If the room is big, you may need more than just the basic three speakers. In addition a subwoofer may also make a significant difference to achieving the best surround sound if your home theatre is placed in a large room.

This will all help to give you the best home theatre experience possible. As this can be quite a technical job you might like to consider the use of a home theater expert to help design your system and to ensure that you have the best home theatre set up giving you the best possible movie experience in the comfort of you own home.


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Date Posted: 2007-06-13
Posted By: Decor and Furniture
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