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Website Design in Cape Town


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Website Design in Cape Town

Our unique way of website design in Cape Town, is created using SpaceBuilder. Doing web design using the the Spacebuilder Content Management platform enables the end-user to create visually superior web sites and web pages while having absolute control over both the content and design of the page. Anyone who is averagely computer literate can use the system after brief training and have control over their own website design. Few companies can offer what Spaceacre does in terms of website design in Cape Town. The user does not need to know or use any programming languages whatsoever, in either the building of the website or the ongoing administration of the web pages themselves.

The Spacebuilder system builds websites using a unique and patented modular construction method. The user is able to choose from a library of modules to control not only what they display on the page but also how it will be displayed. Furthermore the system allows the user to access their backoffice from any internet point and add, edit or delete any information on the webpage itself.

The SpaceBuilder system has been developed to ensure that good web design is a few clicks away for the average user. The structure of the modules encourages good web design practices and allows the user to focus on what content should be displayed rather than having to worry about how it should be displayed.

Spaceacre designs appealing, eye catching and functional websites, which attract viewers and effectively convey your marketing message to the market place. The SpaceBuilder system allows for customers to have full control over their website design in Cape Town, South Africa and around the world.

Furthermore each page can have its own individually optimised meta data as well as easily applied H1 tagging, bolding, Italics and other features that are so desired by the search engines in their quest to provide better search results on their websites.

The platform is perfect for the person with some design skills and no lmited programming and web design skills. Critically once a site has been designed and launched it can easily be maintained by a client - even if a complete novice.

Website Design in Cape Town

Content Management - flexible and simple

When seeing the SpaceBuilder Content management platform in action for the first time, even inexperienced users tend to instinctively get it’. Because SpaceBuilder modules are “Horizontally Singular”, any module may be added or removed from any page without disturbing page layout. When a module is removed, or one added, the page automatically resizes, with not one pixel out of place. Integrity of design and proportion are not compromised. Every SpaceBuilder module is compatible with every other SpaceBuilder module in terms of both functionality and layout. This enables an immeasurable variety of combinations. These combinations create original, seamless page structures and allow for complete control over their website design - Cape Town.

Any permutation of modules may be used on any given page and so as well as being infinitely scalable, the SpaceBuilder design process is also infinitely customisable. Removing and adding modules becomes effortless for both end-user and developer. With a few clicks of the mouse, complex design structures can be created in moments and dissolved as quickly. Using SpaceBuilder, even a novice can add and remove modules without any fear of defacing the design of the page. This format allows customers full access their website design in Cape Town and abroad. Within the accepted conventions of the World Wide Web, no other methodology and architecture can achieve this degree of simplicity. The SpaceBuilder Content Management platform was the first commercially available purely modular web design system. It has never been this easy to manage your own website design - Cape Town.

Date Posted: 2011-06-22
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