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Firstly 'what is ecommerce'? Here are a few definitions....
  1. Ecommerce is commerce, including business, trade, buying, and selling, that is transacted electronically, rather than hand-to-hand.
  2. Ecommerce is any type of business or commercial transaction completed through Internet data transfer.
  3. Ecommerce (electronic commerce or EC) is the buying and selling of goods and services on the Internet.
When setting up an ecommerce website businesses need to have efficient ecommerce technology and a strong marketing strategy in order to be successful. The basic aim is to increase your sales by making it easier for your customers to shop. If your technology is poor or your shop design and setup weak then your clients might as well drive to the nearest shopping mall and buy from your competitors.

Before considering an ecommerce solution, one needs to first take note of some of the potential problems that can arise with e-commerce. Online clients have over time generated many complaints regarding purchasing items online. A few include:-
  1. Disorganized sites that are difficult and confusing to navigate;
  2. Poorly designed sites that do not engender trust
  3. Lack of information on the website including a failure to tell clients about any specials you might be running
  4. The inability to pay with the customer’s native currency
  5. The inability for the customer to even understand the language in which the website is written;
  6. Frustrating and confusing shopping carts and check out procedures.

So given some of the problems what are the solutions?
  1. Having a professional looking website will attract customers and make them feel confident buying products from you.
  2. An ecommerce website, in particular, should be well organized and easy to navigate,
  3. If your ecommerce website is more informational in its approach ensure that it is search engine friendly
  4. Show promotional deals and specials where appropriate
  5. Encourage up selling in a friendly way by showing related items or showing items that clients have purchased following the purchase of that particular item
  6. The website is accessible in all target languages and currencies
  7. Have a user friendly shopping cart and single page checkout,

Remember that when your business is ecommerce, you want to ensure that you have taken every possible step to ensure that you and your products are professionally presented and are easily purchased.

For more information about setting up your own ecommerce website please call Wayne on 021 4236882 or contact us via the link above

Date Posted: 2009-02-01
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