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Websites are no longer tools only utilised by large corporations and businesses. Today most smaller businesses need a website in order to compete in the marketplace.

While many cheap designers are available very few have the skills required to produce a site that will compete effectively in the marketplace and do it at low cost. Too often the larger formal web design comanies do not provide what small businesses need in order to gain a web presence. Either the price is within the businesses reach and the package is too small, or template websites are used and are then found all over the Internet.

However, web design does not have to be expensive. Here are a few things to avoid when choosing a web design company

A few common mistakes small business owners make:-

1)Template Websites - Templates are pre-made designs or website setups. Any number of websites can use the very same template for their site.  In the event that a potential customer has visited a website with a similar template to yours, then chances are they will either not take your business seriously or they will compare your business with that website. Ensure that the design house you intend using will provide you with a unique design before you do business with them.

2) Hourly Rate Design - Some web design companies offer web design at an "hourly rate." Ensure that you not end up paying for hours of work when the work only actually takes a few hours to do. Sometimes it is better to get a package rate fro what you  require so you get what you want no matter how much time it takes to complete.

3) High Hosting Charges - Many new business owners and business owners not familiar with the Internet will let their web designer host their website for them. While there is nothing wrong with this, be cautious of the amount you will be paying per month for their hosting.  Make sure you are getting value for your money. Small businesses that only require small websites should not pay more than R150 per month depending on the services and tools offered, Very cheap hosting say under R50 can sometimes work but it will be limiting unless you have very simple needs or know what you are doing. Larger businesses or businesses with large or dynamic websites should never pay more than R250 per month for their base site and should also be mindful of the traffic charges being offered. On the other hand, you may find a web design company offering free hosting as an introductory offer. If this is true, be sure to ask how much you will be paying for hosting once the offer expires and again make sure that you are not getting overcharged for the extra traffic component

4) Long Completion Times - Web design is a complicated process, however, a good designer can finish a website in a relatively short space of time if you have all the necessary information available. Be careful of web design companies that take a long time to complete each website. This may be a sign that they may have too much on their plate. If that is the case, the chances are that you will not receive the proper attention and care that is needed to make a website a success. Always ask a potential designer how long it typically takes them to finish and publish a website.

Many web designers  now focus on small business. You just need to make sure you find one that has the required experience and is able to offer great work at low cost. While many large design companies have large, impressive portfolios, they will often not provide the support and attention you need.


For professional advice on this and other web topics call Wayne on 021 4236882

Date Posted: 2009-01-29
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