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Practical tips for good web page design


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One of the toughest challenges in developing any website is the basic construction and layout required for good web page design. There are now tens of billions of pages in the World Wide Web all jostling for attention. The critical question is how does a designer make a difference.
Here are some tips that will help not only web designers but people looking to build or design there own websites

1.Study the subject being featured. Visit as many websites as possible that cover the same as well as related topics. Make a list of what works and what does not work. Avoid using a design that is going to be the same as others. Unless your pages are distinctive they are not going to work.
2.Avoid where possible run of the mill features such as page counters, scrolling java text, rapidly flashing images, under construction notices or too many illustrations or animations.
3.Create a design which conveys what it has to in a stylish way eg use original illustratiosn rather than downloaded ones.
4.Ensure all files and images are optimised for the web or else they will slow down your page loading time. GIF files are better than JPEG files.  
5.Think of your target audience and the subject being addressed when designing the site. The overall effect should be that of exclusivity.
6.Download plugins shoul be avoided where possible. While Flash websites are innovative and fun you could lose viewers if you don’t provide an HTML alternative.
7.Build pages that load up to less than 50K
8.Remember the basic rule of thumb is that a web page should not be longer than three screens and it is essential that the viewer does not have to scroll horizontally
9. Test your website pages on all the major browsers before launching. Ensure that they open quickly and completely. Ideally you should do a reality check by asking a number of users to check the site for usability
10.Do not use tiled or patterned backgrounds as it makes the design fussy and can decreases readability.
11.Avoid frames as they make it difficult to book mark the page
12.Accurately determine the rules of creative design and ensure that you apply them.
13.If you have links make sure they work.
14.Limit page content.
15.Pay particular attention to on-page optimization.
16.Ensure that the design is a function of the content and is not a separate element. Keep in mind at all times the 5 golden principles of design: balance, rhythm, proportion, dominance, and unity
17.Include a site map link for ease of navigation
18.The content should follow basic elements of style or a style sheet
19.When designing the web page think about the site as a whole and not each page separately - there should be continuity in the design.  
20.Pay particular attention to imparting knowledge to viewers by including information on the subject of the site, giving tips, making 'how to' articles available and listing publications on the topic.
21.The site and web pages should be interactive without being a nuisance, so links must be well thought out and have practical use.

If you follow all or most of these tips for good web page design your web site will benefit enormously.

If you would like further professional advice on the subject or a no obligation quote for your website please call Wayne on 0214236882 or use the contact form in this press office

Date Posted: 2009-01-13
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