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Your website represents your business on the internet - and is the online equivalent of your bricks and mortar business. It is therefore critical to ensure that you have practised good web design principles to allow your site to reach out to and appeal to the maximum number of visitor possible.

Firstly make sure that your website navigation wording is simple and accurate. The navigation menu should be uncluttered and concise so that visitors know how to navigate around your website without confusion.

Secondly look to reduce the number of images on your website. They can make your site load more slowly and research has shown that many visitors do not even look at images when looking around a website. At the same time a site without any images can be boring so ensure that all images on your website are optimised by using a suitable image editing program to reduce the file size to manageable proportions.

Next keep your text paragraphs at a reasonable length. If a paragraph is too long, make sure that you split it into seperate paragraphs so that the blocks of test are not too big. This is important because large blocks of text will deter visitors from reading your content no matter how important it might be.

Then as far as possible try to get your website design to comply to web standards at and definitely make sure that it is cross-browser compatible. If your website looks great in Internet Explorer but breaks down badly in Firefox and potentially even in Opera, you could lose out on many prospective visitors and customers.

Avoid, where possible, the use of scripting languages on your website unless it is absolutely necessary. Use scripting languages to manipulate or handle data and not to create visual effects on your website. Heavy scripts will also slow down the loading time of your website and can even crash some browsers. In addition, scripts are not always supported across all browsers, so you might find some visitors missing out on important information.

Finally where possible make use of CSS to style the content of your web page as this will save a lot of work as you will effectively be styling all the elements on the website in one go.

Of course you can avoid many of the problems that can arise by making use of the SpaceBuilder Design and Content Management platform which forces good design practice and eliminates many of the potential pitfalls associated with web design.


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Date Posted: 2007-06-11
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